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Yes it Revolves; Kampala’s Seven Hills Revolving Restaurant – Uganda Safari News

7-hills-revolving-restaurant kampala Are you quite a picky eater who wants to be very specific about what you eat, or do you just want to give your family or travel companion an exquisite dinner to remember you for, while you are on your Safari and Tour to Uganda.

7 Hills Revolving Restaurant is the finest dining spot for you in Kampala. Here you get value for your dollars, and even more.

The restaurant is one of the divisions of Golf Course Hotel and forms the apex of this luxurious hotel both in architectural design and service delivery.

Golf Course Hotel is named after the gorgeous grassy green carpet that covers the undulating landscape of the relaxing Kitante Golf Course.

The hotel is along Yusuf Lule road just adjacent to the shoppers’ delights of Garden City mall and Oasis mall.

Served in its clear clean glass chambers are awesomely prepared continental cuisines shaped by an experienced chef whose only specialty is preparing finger-licking meals.

You will easily find a dish that reminds you of home (including sea food) while on your Uganda Safari adventures.

The restaurant also has an onsite bar which is well-stocked with local brands and other globally craved brands. The knowledgeable bar man adds a lovely taste to his cocktails which are finely tailored to individual tastes and preferences.

The décor is something to fall for, the moment you walk in to the restaurant. The ambience of the 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant reminds you of how very important you are and is the right way of telling your travel companion how special they are to you.

When you sit down at the beautifully set tables, you will enjoy the best views of Kampala, a very beautiful city. This is the best point to enjoy the finest outlooks of the entire city during your Safari Holiday in Uganda.

As you gaze on, you will be served by the friendly and highly professional waiters and waitresses. Once the food is served, it will be up to you to begin the battle between cutlery and the food on the plate.

Throughout your meal, you will enjoy stunning views of the city from different points but still in the comfort of your seat; because the restaurant really revolves.

There is no myth about this; the restaurant revolves (or we could say it rotates) to reveal to you all Kampala’s seven (7) hills in about ninety (90) minutes; a clearly visible explanation of its name “The 7 Hills Revolving Restaurant”.

At this secluded place you will be certain to enjoy one of the best evenings of your tour and safari in Uganda and if you have time, you will definitely want to come back many more times.

So make your reservation in time; brace yourself for a delicious meal and buckle up for an unforgettable ride through Kampala’s seven (7) hills.

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