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Wild Safari Ventures into the Land of a Thousand Hills

black and white colobus monkeys

Wild Safaris has for long been one of the frontier lights in African visits and when it comes to launching properties that take sustainable interaction within the surrounding environment, so we are excited announce the enhancement of the venture into the land with a thousand hills.

What makes you set your eyes on a Rwanda safari and why now?

Rwanda falls in the heart of a mega bio-diverse Albertine Rift valley. Much of Africa’s biodiversity has centered itself on the Great Rift Valley floor where over thousands of years; different ecosystems have been connected and at the same time isolated.

It is on this reason that the Albertine Rift valley is one of the most important biodiversity spots on this continent. 31 of over 300 mammal species and over 35 of its 900 plus bird species are found nowhere else in the whole world. The Albertine rift is also the only area in Africa hosting the highest number of endemic birds and mammals.

The country has an iconic story in its own right from the tragedy of 1994 genocide which is a story everyone in the world should be told while on safari tour in Rwanda.

The Rwandan government is inspiringly organized and accountable that you would feel nothing but being welcomed by the beautiful country and its people that are excited to contribute to the momentum of this tiny nation.

The location of most Rwanda safari lodges is in an amphitheater of eroded volcanic cones, hill sides and on lake shores which offers a dramatic and unique experience while on safaris and tours in Rwanda.

The luxurious Rwanda tour lodges will have sweeping views towards the spectacular and often volcanoes and valleys of the Virunga ranges.

This will allow you to imagine pioneering efforts of gorilla conservationists like Dian Fossey and George Schaller, and also epitomize the drama of ‘Gorillas in the Mist.

The Rwanda lodge sites are incomparable in terms of natural splendor and the sweeping views towards the volcanoes.

Besides Rwanda gorilla safaris, the visitors can be able to immerse themselves in the traditional social and agricultural life of the surrounding communities, enjoying a holistic experience of the local culture and the area’s biodiversity.

Rwanda’s miraculous momentum since 1994 in the genocide saga and the achievement of forgiveness, restoration and the rebirth of this model country has become something you can’t afford missing.

Beyond this there are the gorillas of the Virunga ranges, a life changing experience and a whole raft of Albertine Rift valley bio-diversity make Rwanda quite simply one of those countries that you have to visit for a safari.

Prime Uganda safaris and tours limited is truly excited to contribute to the momentum of this tiny, beautiful nation by offering you ultimate safari experiences.

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