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Why Visiting Rwanda Should be a Must Do – Rwanda Safari News

Rwanda Travel Guide, Travel Advisory & TipsThe Republic of Rwanda is  gifted by nature and with great landscapes especially the sloping hills and its for this reason that this country was given the name “the land of a thousand hills”.

Rwanda has a number of attractions that range from wildlife attractions in the national parks as well as the man-made attractions.

Today, Rwanda safaris is among the leading safaris preferred by tourists who come  in east and central Africa and it is a destination one must not miss to visit.

Sadly, this nation in 1994 experienced a horrific genocide where close to 1 million people were killed mercilessly.

Many of the Rwandan citizens fled to exile in the neighboring countries of Uganda, Burundi Tanzania and Congo because the civil war continuously unveiled to all parts of the country.

After the genocide war, the Rwandan government under the rule of Paul Kagame restored the country’s image and peace.

People in exile started returning to their homeland and after a series of economic development programs; the country has regained its image and today it’s among the leading African safari destinations in East Africa and the world at large. Here are the major reasons as to why any one must not miss visiting this wonderful nation.

Rwanda has got scenic landscapes especially the gently sloping hills in the countryside most of which are covered with large coffee plantations, tea estates and banana plantations.

They offer great scenic green views that one can only experience while on Safaris in Rwanda. Just viewing these landscapes is fascinating and most travelers always feel like staying there all their life.

Rwanda has got unique wildlife attractions that range from wild animals and ecosystems offering remarkable wildlife encounters to tourists on wildlife safaris in Rwanda.

Most of the wildlife in Rwanda is situated in Rwanda’s major national parks that include Akagera national park, in the eastern region.

It’s the only savannah grassland national park and has a number of wildlife like lions, crocodiles, hippos, African elephants, giraffes and a big number of bird species. These can best spotted by tourists on game drives, nature walks and boat trips on Lake Ihema.

Rwanda has a number of primates most of which inhabit in the jungles of Nyungwe forest national park in the south western part of this country.

This national park has the highest chimpanzee population in Rwanda and this is the best place for chimpanzee trekking.

Volcanoes national park another fascinating wildlife safari destination in Rwanda with the prime wildlife attractions being the mountain gorillas.

There are about 900 mountain gorillas remaining globally and volcanoes national park has got about 300 of them with 10 habituated families of gorillas.

Each gorilla family can be trekked by a group of 8 tourists per day spending with them only 1 hour. There are other attractions in this national park and they include golden monkeys, a big number of bird species and elephants among others.

The recently established national park is Gishwati forest national park, which is in the western part of Rwanda. This national park has a number of wildlife species like primates, birds’, duikers among others.

Much as the country experienced a genocide in 1994, it is today among the safe countries. Kigali city is so safe both in security and health. Kigali city is clean and well maintained.

People of Rwanda are so hospitable and welcoming and at most times their social nature encourage Rwanda gorilla safari tourists to continuously visit this lovely nation.


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