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Why is the Age Limit for Trekking Gorillas 15 Years?

The age limit for trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and Cong Africa is currently 15 years and any visitor below this age is considered a young vulnerable person and therefore not fit to do a gorilla trek in Africa. Below are the reasons why is the age limit for trekking gorillas in Uganda 15 years and above.

Children below 15 years are known to have unpredictable characteristics that may lead to change of the mountain gorilla behaviors. For example, if a giant silverback gorilla tries to come near a visitor in the presence of a child, he/she may decide to scream or run hence disturbing the peace of these gentle primates.

When disturbed, the silverback can react by attacking the trekkers to defend itself and the family. Thus, to minimize such incidents, persons below 15 years of age are discouraged to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda.

Also, trekking mountain gorillas in the impenetrable forest of Bwindi and Mgahinga is very difficult usually involving moving through bushes with stinging nettles, hilly and slippery terrain, and also muddy areas for about 2-8 hours. This requires someone who is physically fit and persons below 15 years are rendered weak.

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