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Why Do Gorillas Beat Their Chest?

A Guide To Gorilla Trekking in Congo

Why do gorillas beat their chest? Gorillas beat their chest with cupped hands occasionally. So why do gorillas bang their chest or what are the repercussions of beating your chest at a gorilla or what does it mean when silverback gorilla pounds his chest?

Mountain gorillas often pound their chests whenever they perceive a threat/ danger or when they are communicating. When the beating occurs, it may indicate that the gorilla is charging at a human or any rival. It can signal warning, that gorilla is going to attack if you don’t stay away from its territory.

Gorillas also beat their chest as a sign of victory or because they have won a fight.

They can chest-beat to attract females’ gorillas and show how strong they are.

Mountain gorillas occasionally beat their chests when communicating. The silverback can beat his chest and move away as a way of communicating with the group members that it is time to go.

A Silverback can also chest-beat when there is another silverback trying to challenge his dominance. The dominating silverback will beat their chest to send a warning to the young silverback and in some cases, the young may retreat or a fight can take place.

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