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Where to Locate Mountain Gorillas – Gorilla Safari News

mountain gorillasMountain gorillas live in tropical forest habitants, these tropical forest are characterised with having little variance in the temperatures and also the length of day light.

This means that the rain fall varies in the tropics and is a primary factor which determines the type of vegetation which grows in the area.

This kind of climate has greatly favoured the mountain gorillas hence increasing the number of mountain gorilla safaris to Uganda.

The lowland areas also favour the mountain gorillas since they usually have prolonged dry season and they usually consist of trees, shrubs and plants, this kind of vegetation has always favoured the life of the mountain gorillas which has helped in attracting more gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda.

These gorillas can also be found in areas with wet and dry seasons and they are usually composed of tropical forests, these also provide good habitant places for these primates which can help them to live longer, hence helping in conserving and preserving these mountain gorillas which has helped in increasing gorilla safaris to Uganda.

 Gorillas mostly rely on the vegetation which is produced in the high humidity and rainfall of tropical rainforest, they spend most of their time feeding and sleeping, these are great characteristics of the mountain gorillas which attracted many people to come for gorilla tracking activities to Uganda.

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