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Where Does the Future for Our Environment Stand? – Uganda Safaris

swampUganda is one of the blessed countries in Africa and the in world in terms of its wildlife diversity, vegetation and landscapes. The riches in its wildlife make Uganda a must visit destination and thus attracting safari visits.

Uganda has over 364 species of mammal, about 1062 species of birds, about 13 primate species, plus other wildlife like reptiles, amphibians, insects among others which are habituated by the rich vegetation in the country. Wildlife in Uganda is the core tourism product which needs protection in order to increase safaris to Uganda.

The communities surrounding these protected areas have a habit of exploiting the resources in the protected areas for their own benefits in order to make a living and forget to preserve them for the future generations. This affects the tourism industry and thus decline in the number of safaris in Uganda.

Development in the tourism industry is also affecting and altering the nature of the vegetation. Accommodation and other infrastructural development have led to clearing of some vegetation this leads to the disturbance in the ecosystem running.

Development should be in balance with ecotourism, and environment in order to create a good environment for tourism and also to preserve for the future generation and thus increasing safaris to Uganda.

The future of our environment depends on the hands our stake holders. Therefore there is need for conservation and balance between tourism development and maintenance of the environment.

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