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What to wear for gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo? / How to dress for gorilla trekking in Africa

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Understanding how strenuous is gorilla trekking in Uganda? −provides travelers with a good insight on; What to wear for gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo?how to dress for gorilla trekking in Uganda? There is little or no opportunity for fashion while on a gorilla trek in Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park. Therefore as you envisioning your  Uganda gorilla tour  you also need to consider the gorilla trekking dress code. Below are what to wear when tracking gorillas during your  CongoRwanda or Uganda safaris.


  • Long-sleeved shirts/t-shirts: The shirt should have a synthetic material since cotton ones get muggy. It protects you from insect bites and stinging nettles during the gorilla trek.
  • Long trousers: Jeans are mostly recommended for most of the hikes and treks since they show less or no dirt and offer safety and protection from giant stinging nettles and weeds that may clasp at your ankles and legs during Jungle hours.
  • Light waterproof jacket/poncho: A rain jacket or a rain poncho will protect you from the rain during gorilla trekking in the forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga. These forests can receive rain at any time.  Therefore, whether it’s a dry season or not a rain jacket should come handy.
  • Waterproof Hiking boots/shoes and long shocks: Waterproof boots or shoes and long shocks are the best footwear for gorilla trekking in Uganda and will make your hiking adventure enjoyable. Some of the areas in the parks can have leeches during the wet season. Regardless, while hiking in the forest, it’s a good idea to wear good waterproof hiking shoes and tall−comfy socks to avoid plants and critters from making their way up to your legs.
  • Strong gardening gloves: You strongly advised to wear sturdy gardening gloves while tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda. The gloves will protect you while supporting your selves on tree branches or vines. They give you protection against stinging nettles. When you meet the gorillas, you can put off them to take good photos.
  • Headband & Hat: Anyone who ever done a fair bit of hiking knows that you should have some sort of headband or bandana to wick sweat, provide head warmth and use for a variety of other things. A hat will help to block the sun or rain from your face and neck.
  • A fleece or a light warm sweater: This can be worn in the early mornings and cool nights. It gets so cold at night. The temperature is at 11°C/52°F and sometimes it’s lower than this in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park it’s at 10°C/50°F. This is why some Uganda luxury safari lodges here have fireplaces in cottages or rooms while other lodges offer guests hot water bottles for comfort throughout the cold night.
  • Sunglasses: These will protect you from the direct sunshine.
  • Avoid wearing bright colours:  Bright colours should be avoided while carrying out safari activities in the jungle, but these can be used while enjoying dinner back at the lodge. It is strongly advised that during you gorilla treks in Uganda, you wear neutral colours such as green, Khaki, and light brown. It is not good to wear blue and black shirts while in the jungle since they attract tsetse flies and other insects

if you are to trek gorillas in Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park or the Democratic Republic of Congo in Virunga National Park and Kahuzi-Biega National Park

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