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What to Pack for Gorilla Tracking Safari in Rwanda – Rwanda Safari News

Gorilla Tracking safari in RwandaWith an estimated  number of 480 mountain gorillas thriving on the altitude range of 2,300 to 4,500 meters in the hilly areas of the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Gorilla trekking is a highlight activity  done by many visitors on Rwanda safaris.

The activity done in the hilly forested areas of volcanoes national park, requires potential travelers planning for gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda to pack some useful things to help enhance their gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park.

For any potential traveler planning for gorilla safari to Rwanda, there is need for you to pack a light weight hiking boots or strong waterproof walking boots, Garden gloves because gorilla trekking is done in slippery trails and requires hiking the high altitudes areas of Virunga Mountains.

You are also urged to take a light jumper and lightweight breathable waterproof jacket/trousers as temperature is variable and weather conditions can change any time in Volcanoes national park.

Due to the fact that gorilla trekking in Rwanda is done in the forested hilly areas of Volcanoes national park, there is need for you to pack a few long-sleeved shirts/trousers.

These will help to avoid insects such as safari ants entering your trousers and injuring you. Sweater are also necessary since evenings and early mornings times in Volcanoes national park tend to be very cold due to the nature and altitude of the place.

In addition to the above, traveler must pack a Video/photo camera, extra lenses and extra batteries because photography is an important component of your gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda .

Remember that you have one hour to spend with the gorillas and during this time you will be allowed to take as many photos as you can.

Don’t forget that you are going  on safari to Africa and you will want to have clear views of everything so there is need for binoculars .these will help to spot some other wildlife species like birds, primates and large mammals when searching for the mountain gorillas.

Last but not least you need insect repellants to protect you from Mosquito bites as volcanoes national park which is mountain gorilla safari destination in Rwanda has mountains and a tropical forest so many insects are accommodated there in.

In conclusion, encountering the gorillas on your gorilla safaris to Rwanda or Uganda in Africa is a special feeling and nothing can ever make you ready for that life changing experience.
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