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What to Know About Uganda – Uganda Safari News

uganda the pearl of africa Uganda dubbed the pearl of Africa is the only country in Africa endowed with elegant natural scenery distributed all over the country, Diverse cultures –evidenced by almost 56 different tribes that are characterized with unique cultural mosaic of dance and drama, music, local art and handicrafts made out of local materials, all year round favorable climate among others. All these uniqueness of Uganda can be only explored when one under takes Uganda safaris and tours.

Being blessed country, Uganda is the only tourism destination in the world where you can have chance to enjoy your Uganda mountain gorilla trekking safaris by trekking almost half of the world′s endangered mountain gorilla population housed in the two protected areas of Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks.

Mountain gorilla trekking safaris and tours are Uganda’s highlight safari and gorillas are the unique tourism attractions selling Uganda’s tourism sector.

Uganda is an exclusive destination offering opportunities to travelers who under take safari tours to Uganda to participate in world-class white water rafting at the stunning source of Nile –the world’s longest river that starts its long journey n Uganda’s Jinja district.

Besides the source of the Nile, the country is venerated with more beautiful falls like Murchison falls also dubbed to be the world’s most powerful falls as well as peaceful national parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo national park, where wildlife viewing does n′t require traveler on wildlife safaris in Uganda to wait in line behind many tourist vehicles.

In terms of natural attractions, Uganda is the best in East Africa region and Africa as whole and Uganda safaris and tourism sector as whole is still being re-established and recovering from the wounds of the political insurgency which drastically affected the tourism sector during the 1970th when the country was under the leadership of dictatorial rulers.

Uganda is wonderful country with great deal of attractions to offer to tourist’s who spend time to book safari tours to Uganda.

In terms of ecology, Uganda is the only unique country in the whole of East African region where savannah meets the West African jungle.

Nowhere else apart from this ever green country –Uganda where world traveler on his or her Uganda safari tours can enjoy the views of lions in the pussyfoot of the open plains of Queen Elizabeth national park especially in the morning hours.

In addition, Uganda the pearl of Africa is proud of temperate climate which is favorable all year around for the travelers on their Uganda safaris.

The country harbors the world′s famous third largest fresh water body lake Victoria- which offers cool breeze to areas near the lake.

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