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What is The Best Time To Go For Gorilla Trekking in Uganda?

If you are wondering What is the best time to go for gorilla trekking in Uganda?/when to go gorilla trekking in Uganda?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Uganda has two seasons; the wet season and dry season.

Travelers intending to visit Uganda for gorilla trekking should note that trekking gorilla is a physically demanding wildlife experience that can take the whole day, moving through uphill and downhill through thick tangles of vines, thorns and roots.

The dry season is the best times of the year to go gorilla trekking in Uganda. Uganda’s dry season starts from June to September and December to February.

These months offer the best weather for gorilla trekking in Uganda. During the dry season, the habitat is kept drier and makes it easier for trekkers to hike through thick vegetation and steep terrain to search for mountain gorillas unlike during wet season.

Also, your chance of seeing the mountain gorillas is higher, the experience is better, and photography is easier.

However, the best time for gorilla treks in Uganda may vary depending on the traveler’s preference and budget. Gorilla permits are easier to obtain at other times.

The wet or rainy season in Uganda is also considered as the low season and starts in March, April, May and October, November.

The advantage with trekking mountain gorillas during the wet season is that there is plenty of forage for these great apes to depend on and visitors can take fewer hours since they do not move to further distances to search for food.

Also, during the wet season, budget accommodation is available and there are low prices for upmarket lodges.

However, slippery trails and occasional mist make gorilla trekking more challenging during the wetter months of the year.

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