Chimpanzees are commonly found in Kibale National park which is located in the western Uganda. It has got many chimpanzees which are loved by tourists who come to Uganda for chimpanzee trekking safaris, which has helped in increasing the revenues of the country.

Chimpanzees are considered to be the closest relatives to the human beings who have helped in increasing their safari visits to Kibale National park; this has greatly helped in increasing the revenues of the country and also helping in developing the tourism sector.

 Uganda has greatly benefited from the chimpanzee safaris hence there is need to conserve and preserve the primates from extinction, this will help in protecting them from any effect hence helping in the development of the tourism sector.

Humans are closely related to the chimpanzees since they have got the same behaviours like those of the human beings. It’s said that the human DNA IS 98% to that of the chimps. There are genetical similarities which have helped in increasing the connections between the human beings and also the chimps. This has helped in increasing chimpanzee visits to Uganda.

Chimpanzees can also be found in Queen Elizabeth National Park at Kyambura Gorge which has got many chimps which have attracted many chimpanzee safaris to Uganda. This has helped in the development of the tourism sector and also increasing the revenues of the country.

Chimpanzees in Uganda can also been tracked at Budongo forest which is found in Eastern Uganda, they are trekked manly to create a good experience among the visitors. This has however helped in increasing chimpanzee safaris to Uganda.

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