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UWEC to Make Zoos in Uganda Internationally Known – Uganda Safari News

UWEC is the Uganda Wildlife Education Center which is aimed at boosting the tourism sector in Uganda and market Uganda as a tourist destination.

The UWEC has therefore started marketing the Zoos in Uganda internationally because these are places where there are different wildlife animals which tourists enjoy seeing while on their safaris in Uganda hence having the best stories about the animal’s way of life.

The system however needs a lot of efforts since much has to be done in the zoos so as to develop them and increase all the attractions in the zoos so as to have more safaris in Uganda to visit the zoos.

This will create a lot of revenues to the government and the revenues will help boost the tourism sector in Uganda hence attracting tourists to come for safaris to Uganda and enjoy the nature of the developed tourism sector in the country.

The local people have been advised to guard the animals by preserving the forests which are the habitats of wildlife animals. This will help keep the animals in country hence attracting more Uganda safari visits.

This will help develop Uganda through creating employment opportunities in the country through the revenues earned. This will help fight poverty in Uganda as many people will be employed therefore attracting tourists to come and safari the developed country.

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