wildlife in ugandaThe program coordinator African Wildlife Foundation said that the program will help Uganda upgrade its conservation and natural resources which are essential to uphold Uganda’s development in tourism. This will help improve the tourism sector and also promote more safari tours in Uganda.

 It is designed to deal with terrorization to Uganda’s variety of nature, develop the tourism sector, preserve the country’s forests and Uganda wildlife Authority. The program will also help diversify the economy and allocate many tourist attractions, this will therefore increase more safari visits in Uganda

 It is also expected to increase more tourism activities so as to raise more revenue from the sector and also provide employment opportunities to people in the areas targeted such as Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo and Kidepo Valley Parks, Budongo and Kalinzu Forest Reserves. This will  promote  the tourism sector hence more Uganda tours.

 The trip aimed at making the government understand the wildlife industry, promote the tourism sector in Uganda so as to increase the number of visits in the country and raise the income of the sector. Through this Uganda safaris will be promoted.

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