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Urbanization is Rwanda’s Option to Fight Poverty – Rwanda Safari News

Poverty is one of the problems that are affecting the development of Rwanda therefore limiting safaris to Rwanda as tourists to not want to safari

low developed countries. There must be quick resolutions to the problem to as to make Rwanda a better place to live in hence attracting more tourists to come and enjoy more Rwanda safaris.

Urbanization has been mentioned by the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame which according to him can bring up development in Rwanda hence increasing safaris in Rwanda.

This was said in New York event organized by UN’s Economic and Social Council and this event was organized to help Rwanda draw plans of how to develop the economy and attract tourists for Rwanda safari.

Urbanization was considered because many people live in cities and a few are left in the village which therefore means that it is the urban centers to be developed than those in villages so as tourists can come and invest in the developed sectors while on their Rwanda safaris.

More businesses need to be put up so that the local people are employed and can earn a living which will help fight poverty in Rwanda hence making Rwanda a tourist destination therefore leading to more safaris to Rwanda.

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