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The Proud and Fierce Group of the Semi Nomadic Pastoralists

The Unique Karamojong Culture in Uganda.

The Karamojong are a pastoral group who inhabit the plateau region of Uganda. This region is characterized by thorny plants and grasses.

The Karamoja region is one destination you shouldn’t miss on any Uganda safari tour such gorilla trekking in Uganda. You will meet the proud and fierce group of the semi nomadic pastoralists with a rich cultural heritage.

The other groups related to the Karamojong include; the Iteso, Jie, Dodoz, Topoza, Jiye, Nyangatom, and Turkana.

On your arrival into the Karamojong land, barely dressed children will greet you in a very welcoming way.

You will also see the old men on their headrest stools sharing tales of old to the young and old about their traditions and ways of their people.

It is always a great opportunity to be invited in the Karamojong’s homes, the interior of their homes is smeared with cow dung and mud.

They do not have beds and much furniture but they are proud of the little they have and they never take it for granted.

This region is very interesting to visit, it has got such a rich culture that has been preserved over years and years and it has not been eroded by civilization comparing to other cultures in other parts of Uganda. It is a pure culture as it existed years back.

These people live in peaceful communities, they are usually half naked and decorated in tribal markings. The weather in their region is not as favoring as it is in other parts of the country but still they don’t leave their homeland.

Expect amazing cultural dance and singing on your Karamoja safari, you can as well join and jump as high as you can to the music.

Therefore, it is not only Gorilla trekking in Uganda Bwindi impenetrable forest/Uganda gorilla safaris that makes Uganda a better tourism destination, but her culture from her very many ethnic groups in the country makes a Uganda safari worthwhile.

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