The Uganda tourism board is aiming at taking tourism to a higher level hence attracting more tours in Uganda. This has been done by promoting Uganda tourism to other areas other than Europe. This will attract more tourists from different corners to Uganda to come for safaris in Uganda. This will help boost the tourism sector hence developing Uganda as a countrythrough the revenues earned.

The tour operators and the tourism board are pushing tourism to China and the Middle East so as to attract the people from these countries to come for Uganda visits to see the beautiful attractions found in Uganda. This will help market Uganda tourism and therefore increase the number of tourists coming for Uganda visits hence boosting the Economy of Uganda and making Uganda a tourist destination.

The Chinese volunteers are teaching Chinese language at Makerere University. This will help the tourism sector have tour operators or guides who know Chinese language. This will there increase the number of safari tours to Uganda since the tourists who come for Uganda visits will be explained to in their language so as to know the attractions better. This has therefore boosted tourism in Uganda hence promoting more visits to Uganda.

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