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Uganda’s Most Beautiful Bird – Uganda Safaris

grey crowned crane

Crested crane is Uganda’s most beautiful bird which is represented in the national flag. The bird has very unique and beautiful characteristics which attracts safaris to Uganda.

The grey crowned crane has wings which are predominantly white with contain feathers having very many colours.

The head of the crested crane is having a crown of firm golden feathers. The sides of the birds face s are white, with a bright red expandable throats pouch.

Their bills are grey and short with legs that are long and black. The birds use their feet for balancing because they are large.

Their breeding is displayed in dancing, jumping and bowing. Dancing is an essential part of courtship. While dancing, both sexes are involved and even the immature birds join the adults. They make successful calls which involves rising of the red qular sac.

They are omnivores that feed on plants, seeds, grains, frogs, worms, insects, small fish eggs of aquatic wildlife among others.

They also associate with herbivores animals as they grab preys disturbed by antelopes and gazelles. They spend their day time looking for food and night time sleeping. The birds attracts safaris to Uganda especially the bird lovers.

The birds face threats to its habitats due to drainage and overgrazing. The birds are seen in swampy places of the country and they can be seen in Murchison falls along the Nile at delta region.

Uganda safaris offer you the chance to see the beautiful birds which portrays Uganda’s humble culture and people.

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