uganda martyrs shrine namugongoNamugongo is the place where the Anglican and Catholic believers known as the Uganda martyrs were killed from. This has therefore become a place of visit every 3rd of June and therefore tourists on their Uganda safaris get to visit the place. The president of Uganda pledged 100 million to establish a Museum at the place which tourists will always safari while on their safaris in Uganda.

The Museum will be a must safari place by the tourists on Uganda safari. This will have both religious and cultural history that tourists will also get to know as they reach the area. This place will increase the revenues to the government as tourists will come to safari it hence developing the economy of Uganda as well through infrastructural development from the revenues earned.

At Namugongo as planned, there will also be a three star hotel where tourists will also rest from while on their Uganda safaris. This will also contain a conference hall where meetings can be held from. The place will have good accommodation facilities that will give proper services to the tourists on their safaris in Uganda. This will help boost the tourism sector of Uganda hence making Uganda a tourist destination.

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