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Uganda Wildlife Authority on a Move to Boost Domestic Tourism Through New Packages – Uganda Safari News

uganda gorilla safarisA range of innovations have been recorded by the Uganda Wildlife Authority all focusing on boosting domestic safaris in Uganda.

The results for this initiative have been positive thus increase in the number of travelers embracing tourism hot spots.

Referring to the records at Uganda safari destinations of Queen Elizabeth, L. Mburo and Semuliki National parks, the counts of domestic Uganda safari undertakers has exceeded that of foreign travellers affirming that this trend could definitely paint a new picture of tourism in the country.

With the issue of financial crisis hitting the west, the tourism proprietors in the receiving areas have always thought that foreign safaris to Uganda would reduce at the end of the day.

The Uganda Wild life Authority packages designed to increase domestic safaris in Uganda  include; budget accommodation packages, computerized access to the parks and night game drives.

These packages have in turn increased domestic Uganda safaris for example; Queen Elizabeth has registered 20% increase in domestic visitors as well as Mburo at 25% and Semuliki at 50%.

The emergence of budget restaurants in national parks like Tembo restaurant in Queen Elizabeth has made meal affordable to the local people.

While the development of low budget accommodation has stood as pocket friendly offer for domestic Uganda safari undertakers for example changing of former UWA headquarters at Mweya to accommodation center making it cheaper for locals compared to spending a night at Mweya safari lodge.

The introduction of night game drives in Lake Mburo National Park exposing a range of elands, buffaloes, hippos, Impala, Zebra and Waterbucks have become a flagship package for local people wishing to undertake wildlife safaris.

Also establishing low cost accommodation and restaurant on the shores of Lake Mburo is by no means an ordinary incentive to domestic Uganda safari undertakers.

This move is anticipated to increase domestic wildlife safaris or it might be stretched to also encourage gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.

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