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Uganda Wildlife Authority Finally Takes Tourism to Another Level!!!

Guess what has arrived in the country! Don’t wait to travel abroad! Safari Uganda  because We have got three luxury boats for you now!

Do you know the 21st century definition of luxury?!! The boats are beautiful, with a big size, with comfort that portrays luxury itself!

For proper description, think about the “super yatches” we normally see in the United States and Europe.

Besides beauty, each boat has 45 seats, cold drinks in the fridge, a public-address system, and very hospitable staff on board.

Tourists will be pampered by the experienced and friendly crew that offer exemplary services. This boat has been specifically made for honey moon couples, and even single users who would wish to enjoy their Uganda safari adventures.

A boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel

What better way to spend a holiday? There is no better way to enjoy a vacation, holiday or honey moon than taking a safe luxury boat cruise in a place of your choice.

The boats have various luxury aspects that were considered during their design purchase.

The have a top deck that offers vantage; a place or position where people can have a good view of something.

Where are these boats?

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has offered these boats to be used for Launch cruising in Queen Elizabeth National park along the Kazinga Channel; which is 45km long connecting Lake George and Edward.

On your Uganda wildlife safari, a cruise along the Kazinga channel will enable you have a view of Hippos, crocodiles and elephants along its banks.

Besides Queen Elizabeth, the boats will also be used on Lake Mburo and along the banks of Murchison Falls. The three boats offer precisely, the same caliber of luxury.

My humble request to you is that you should secure your booking right now. Kindly let the honey mooners try out the UWA luxury boat. You will like it very much.

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