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Uganda Tourism is Set to Return as Uganda Wildlife Authority Declares All Savanna Parks Open For Tourism Again

Although the world is still grappling with a pandemic of Coronavirus / COVID- 19 that has left all governments around the world and their people buffed about what the next day will bring given its rampant spread.

I believe that the best thing we can do is to have hope and trust our medics and adhere to the guidelines that have been put in place to see that we can defeat this scourge that has cast a big shadow over our lifestyles.

With that said, we can always hope and plan to have our normal lifestyle and when that day comes, we can reactivate our travel plans that have been shelved as of now.

Uganda just like many other destinations around the world is battling with its own fair share of this Coronavirus scourge and so far so good given that the government has managed to keep this pandemic pretty much under control with less than 900 people infected and with no deaths registered as a result of COVID-19.


This has all been as a result of consented efforts by the government to ensure that Ugandans remain safe.

At the onset of this global pandemic even before Uganda had registered any single COVID-19 case, His Excellency the President of Uganda Yoweri K Museveni announced drastic measures that were going to adopted by the general population and these included

  • Closing of all public and private schools around the country, a move that saw over 15 million young Ugandan forfeit their classrooms and headed back home.
  • Banning of all domestic public means of transport which included taxis or matatus, buses, coasters, Boda bodas, Tuku tukus, water ferries
  • Closure of Uganda’s airspace and airport to entry and exit of all passenger planes
  • Closure of all places of public gathering such as churches, mosques, public swimming pools, bars, night clubs, wedding venues, taxi parks, hotels and shopping malls,
  • The imposition of a night curfew beginning at 7:00pm and ending at 7:00am
  • Banning of private cars from the roads except when executing duties directly related to COVID-19.

All these were aimed at aimed at slowing the spread of this deadly pandemic to allow the government and the ministry of Health better prepare itself in terms of infrastructure development and training the medical workers how to better patients with COVID-19.

tourismWhen these measures got activated, it was a public a secret that it was only a matter of time for the economy to start feeling the wrath of measures brutality since most people had to stay home without working or tending to their businesses.

One of the economy sectors that has bled most at the hands of the Coronavirus pandemic in Uganda and all over the world is the tourism sector, For the case of Uganda, majority of the 1.4 million tourists which were registered here in 2019 were coming from foreign countries and these brought in over 1.4 billion dollars in 2018-2019 financial year.

With the pandemic striking at the onset of the biggest tourism local season, Uganda is set to miss on cashing in from tourism as tourists can no longer visit this tropical paradise hence loss of revenue that is yet to be calculated.

However 3 months down the Coronavirus road, Uganda is now slowly emerging out of its forced slumber as the government is slowly rolling back on some of its tough measures to allow Ugandans return to work and open up the economy for business.

Tourism is one of those sectors that is keen to open real fast so to enable the sector to try and salvage whatever may be left of this year’s local tourism peak season.

In so doing, the Uganda Wildlife Authority, a local body that is mandated with the task of protecting and conserving wildlife in Uganda has released a statement declaring open of all savanna national parks beginning from June 05th 2020.

In part, the document that was released on June 05th 2020 read, “the management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority wishes to inform the general public that after consultations with various stakeholders and putting in places Standard operating procedures for the containment of the possible spread of COVID-19  in our protected areas, the savanna parks are now open for tourism, primate parks, however, remain closed to tourism and the public until further notice.”

However, all is to happen if the visitors observe a number of measures that have been put in place to ensure that there is no spread of the coronavirus among tourists, UWA staff, accommodation facilities operators and any other stakeholders that operate and or visit these protected areas. These measures include and not limited to the following

  • Mandatory temperature reading using non-contact infra-red thermometers at the key tourism gates of all protected areas

With this announcement, lets shade light on some of the safari activities you can engage in when you visit Uganda from now onwards.

Uganda wildlife Tourism Safaris.

Wildlife in Queen Elizabeth Park

Uganda is truly a land of rich diversity and when it comes to savanna wild mammals this is no exception, you can best believe that Uganda will give you one of the best wildlife encounters you can ever ask for while on an Africa wildlife safari adventure.

Uganda wildlife safaris lead you on amazing Uganda safari journey to several of our wildlife destinations and these include Murchison Falls National Park , Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Park. During your Uganda wildlife tour to any of these parks you will have an opportunity to encounter several savanna wild animals which include 4 out of the big five which include lions, cape buffaloes, leopards, and African bush elephants.

An additional visit to Ziwa Rhino sanctuary ensures that your chance of seeing all the big five are very much alive as this sanctuary is home to 31 rhinos which are only found here in Uganda.

Other animals you should look out for during your Uganda wildlife safari experience include the Rothchild giraffes Zebras and Elands and Impalas which are found in several of these savanna parks.

However, a Uganda wildlife tour to Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison falls National park a special experience is the opportunity to undertake a soothing boat cruises to the bottom of Murchison falls which are considered the world’s most powerful waterfalls and hike to the top of these falls will leave you mesmerized as you get to see millions of gallons of water squeezing through a narrow gorge of only 8 meters before plumenting 46 meters below.

In Queen Elizabeth park you will have a boat cruise along the 45 km Kazinga channel which will reveal to you the secrets of these savanna plains as you watch animals come to the banks of this channel to drink water and also see numerous schools of hippos since this channel is home to the highest concertation of hippos which tallies to 5000 hippos.

Uganda the Hiking Safaris

Although Uganda is quite a spectacular country to visit for a hiking experience. This can be hinged on the fact that Uganda is home to Acfrica’s 3rd highest mountain The Rwenzori mountain which rises upto 5109m above sea level with its peaks being snow capped throughout the year something which is rather unique given the fact that Uganda lies along the Equator hence making it a tropical country with relatively higher temperatures.

Uganda hiking safari to Rwenzori mountain reveals to you some of the secrets of this mountain which include the giant Lobelias which are rare plant species which can only be found on this mountain.

Other Uganda tour destinations that should equally give you that epic hiking experience include Mount Elgon National Park is the 5th highest mountain peak in Africa, Gahinga rages which are part of the chain of 8 volcano ranges that form the Virunga massif trhat are shared by the countries of Uganda Rwanda and Congo.

Uganda birding safaris

Birds in Kibale forest park
Birds in Kibale forest

For someone who is looking to have the best Africa birding safari experience, Uganda should really be the place for you to think of first given the fact that Uganda is home to half of all Africa’s bird species as it is home to 1074 bird species.

Some of the best Uganda birding safari destinations that should never miss on your Uganda birding tour include Queen Elizabeth National Park which is home to 600 bird species and these include savanna plain bird species, migratory bird species and water bird species.

Murchison falls National Park is home to 450 bird species, Kidepo Valley National Park is home to 475 bird species, Semuliki National Park is home to 441 bird species with many endemic Congo biome species Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kibale National Park and Lake Mburo National Park is each home to 300 bird species with Bwindi bieing home to 23 Albertine rift endemic species.

Some of the bird species you should look out while in on birding tour in Uganda include The Nkulengu rail, the Congo Serpent Eagle in Semuliki Natiomnal Park, African Finfoot in Lake Mburo park, African green breasted pita and the great blue turaco in Kibale, the Shoe bill stork in Mabamba birding area, Murchison falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Cultural safaris in Uganda

When it comes culture, no other country on the face of this earth has diverse cultures than Uganda. Uganda has the highest cultural density in the world given the over 66 tribes of people that call this small nation only comparable to the size of Oregon state in USA or UK in Europe their home.

Some of the fascinating tribes of people that will fascinate you on your safari Uganda include the Baganda people who contribute close to 16% of Uganda’s population of 42 million people, Banyankole people and these are found on the outskirts of Lake Mburo National Park, the Batwa perhaps will intrigue far more than the tribes since these have managed to survive side by side with the giant mountain gorillas inside the dense forests of Bwindi for over 1000 years.

Given the multitude of tribes in Uganda comes the myriad of cuisines which are prepared by these different tribes however what stands out most is the Luwombo delicacy which is prepared by the Baganda people in central Uganda.

the Luwombo is basically stew made out of chicken ground nuts paste, beef that has been steamed in banana leaves something that is unique since its stew is never in direct contact with heat but rather added on other steamed food stuffs such Matooke.

Due to modernization Ugandan have developed a new signature fast food that’s enjoyed throughout the country and that’s a rolex.

Yes, I said a Rolex, its funny because in Uganda many of us can never afford to buy or wear a rolex watch but surely we can afford to eat one atleast.

A rolex is simply a pan grilled chapatti made out of wheat dough, a Spanish omellete and an array of freshly sliced vegies like cabbages, tomatoes and onioins, all rolled together into a rolex combo. with all these and more Uganda is definitely a  cultural tourism destination to reckon with.

Uganda a destination for adrenal extreme sports

Looking for an opportunity to engage in extreme sport tourism activities, Uganda has got you covered as it has quite a number of extreme sport activities lined up for you.

All you need to do is visit  Jinja source of the Nile and enjoy a 1 day Jinja tour in Uganda or Jinja source of the Nile tours.

While here you engage in various safari activities in Jinja source of the Nile which include white water rafting- this is because Uganda is home to all 5 grades of white waters that are found along the Nile river, horse riding, quad biking and kayaking.

At Wild Gorilla Safaris, we strive to meet all your Africa safari needs as we have got virtually all Africa safari tourism packages that will give you a memorable Africa safari experience.

For anyone interested in Uganda wildlife safaris packages we have got you covered with wide range of packages that are tailored basing on the number of days you have and the destination you would like to visit on your Uganda safari tour.

If you’ve got only a few days, then choose from our short Uganda wildlife safaris which run from 2 days to 5 days such as 2 days Uganda wildlife safari to Murchison falls or 5 days Uganda wildlife safari with chimpanzees and many more.

For those that have got more than 5 days, then I suggest pick from our compressive long Uganda wildlife safaris that run from 6 days to as many as 21 days such as

On top of an epic Uganda safari adventure to many of these savanna parks, you have an opportunity to encounter mountain gorillas.

Yes, a Uganda gorilla tour experience is very possible when you visit gorilla trekking Uganda destinations Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

A Uganda gorilla safari to any of these parks gives you an opportunity to meet any of the 19 gorilla families that have been habituated to give you nothing but the ultimate Uganda gorilla tours experience, you can ever think of.

If you’re interested Uganda gorilla safaris these are available in both short Uganda gorilla safari packages such as 3 days gorilla tours in Bwindi and 4 days Bwindi gorilla tour and wildlife in Lake Mburo. There are also long Uganda gorilla tours that run from 6 days to as many as 18 days while featuring many other things along the way to the gorillas.

After a magical gorilla tour in Uganda, you can always visit Lake Bunyonyi Uganda and enjoy the stunning views of this magical lake.

A visit to Lake Bunyonyi gives you an opportunity to experience a boat ride on Africa’s second deepest lake.

Rwanda is also another gorilla destination you wouldn’t want to miss out on, hence if you are planning for a Rwanda gorilla safari package, check out some of our Rwanda gorilla tours packages which also come in form of short Rwanda gorilla gorilla safaris for those that have got only a few days in Rwanda but those that have got more days, then Long Rwanda gorilla trekking safari packages will do you good as they also give you a chance to visit other Rwanda safari attractions.

Congo as well is another gorilla destination and we have numerous Congo gorilla safari packages that will take you on a Congo gorilla tour adventure to either Virunga National Park for an encounter with mountain gorillas or Kahuzi Beiga National Park where you will encounter Eastern lowland gorillas.

Besides gorilla safaris and wildlife encounters in Uganda, you can still explore Uganda’s diversity using any of our wide range of day trips that visit other sites that are near the capital city Kampala or Entebbe international airport such as a Mabamba birding day trip to Mabamba island Kampala city tour day tour Jinja day tour and 1 day Ngamba island chimpanzee safari.

Check out our great east Africa safari to such as Kenya safari tours and Tanzania safari tour that take you on an Africa wildlife safari adventure to Kenya and Tanzania respectively.

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