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Uganda Tour Operators Not Happy About the Budget – Uganda Safari News

mountain gorillasThe Uganda tour operators are not happy about uganda’sbudget 2014/2015 since it does not favor the tourism sector therefore may lead to reduced safaris to Uganda.

The tourism sector was given only 5 billion additional to what it has been given.

According to the tour operators this money cannot develop the tourism sector and this therefore cannot enable Uganda’s tourism sector compete with other countries participating in tourism hence registering fewer safaris to Uganda.

The tour operators said Uganda to have a good tourism sector and to have more Uganda safaris it has to improve its road network, hotels, lodges, camps, tents, hospitals, tourist sites and the rural areas.

This therefore cannot be achieved if there is a new 18 percent VAT and still the money allocated is not enough at the new budget which was read. This will therefore reduce safaris in Uganda since tourism in Uganda will no longer be considered.

Members from the tourism industry said that tourism is considered as an invisible export and therefore the sector should not be imposed on the VAT Taxes.

However the tour operators were surprised to hear that tourism was imposed on the VAT Taxes and they therefore said that it is like a downfall to the tourism sector of Uganda therefore reducing Uganda safaris.

Tourism in Uganda is going to be expensive since accommodations and transport is going to be increased which will make tourists hard to carry out safaris in Uganda.

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