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Uganda to Provide a Good Transport Network – Uganda Safari News

transport systems in ugandaTourism sector in Uganda is the major foreign exchange earner therefore it needs to be boosted so as to have more safaris in Uganda and develop Uganda’s economy.

However the sector has been having the problem of infrastructures like the roads and a lot of traffic on the roads therefore hindering more Uganda safaris.

The tourists on Uganda safari have been having long journeys connecting to different tourist attractions.

The pot holes in the roads has also been a problem therefore limiting the development of the tourism sector as the safaris to Uganda were expensive. Some tourists shift to flight safaris which are expensive but all because of the problem of roads.

However it is now a pleasure to the tourism sector that the problem has been solved and this is therefore going to attract more safaris to Uganda.

The roads will be connecting to different attractions like in Jinja such that tourists do not rotate around Kampala City for so many times as they are on their safaris in Uganda.

Since the roads will be connecting to different places, this will also avoid car traffic along the city and this will therefore help tourists on their Uganda safaris reach their destinations on time.

This will therefore make tourism in Uganda the best and therefore market Uganda as tourist destination hence increasing more safaris to Uganda.

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