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Uganda to Continue Benefiting from British Airways Multiple Flights – Uganda Safaris & Tours

British air ways is continuing to have its four times operation of flights to Uganda in a week and this is becoming important since this is helping in increasing the Uganda safaris, and also increasing the revenues of the country and developing the tourism industry. This is due to the easier movement of passengers to the country.

The return flights which are operated on Mondays, Fridays, and Wednesdays and also on Saturdays are always expected to depart from Entebbe at exactly at 1, which helps passengers in connecting to London within a few hours so that they can get on their continuing flights.

This has helped increasing safari visits to Uganda since there is easy movement of international tourists.

This schedule has helped in offering better connections to the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda; this will help them to get better services through the new terminal. This will however help in improving safari tours to Uganda.

The passengers who will be travelling to other countries from Uganda will be helped since they will find it easy to connect too many countries of their choice and also be able to travel to Uganda 4 times a week if they want. This easing of movement by the British airways is greatly going to help in improving safaris in Uganda.

The airline is also trying to invest in its lounges and also upgrading the facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg in order to reflect the customer experience and also to improve on the movement of the tourists who come to Uganda for safari trips.


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