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Uganda Stages an Exhibition at United Nations

uganda's wildlifeThe destination Uganda was listed as the best destination to visit in the year 2012 by the lonely planet a re-known world travel magazine.

This pulled counts of world travelers to undertake safaris in Uganda.

A range of other accolades have followed all having the basis from the 1908 crown of Churchill who declared Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

Increasing the publicity world over and making Uganda greatly known is an endeavor that every stakeholder in the country has to undertake so as to increase the flow of Uganda safaris.

Uganda of recent undertook an exhibition that lasted for three (3) days at the Headquarters of the United Nations in the City of New York which is one of the major generating areas for the Uganda safari undertakers.

Running under the theme “Uganda, the Pearl”, the Uganda Exhibition was staged from 9th – 11th September 2015 and the items on display included the myriad of Paintings by Gwoktcho Stephen, the range of Uganda Wildlife Sculptures by Bart Walter an American Sculptor, Batiks presented by Nuwa Wamala Nnyanzi a famous Ugandan artist and range of photographs by D. Nsereko showcasing the Ugandan Culture.

The event marked the initial moment of its stature to see Uganda exhibiting at the headquarters of United Nations and  Sam Kuteesa the Foreign Affairs Minister and the President of 69th United Nations General was credited for upholding the tourism in Uganda through that office.

It is a strategic move that may invigorate the world travelers to plan safaris to Uganda to explore the remarkable beauty in detail.

The Sculpture of Bart Walter named The Troupe featuring the range of three (3) chimpanzees including the teenager, the mother and the child from Kibale Forest National Park – the main destination for Chimpanzee trekking safari tours in Uganda were among the exhibited items on loan from the Zoo of Chattanooga.

The same sculptor also provided a cheetah hunting an antelope along with her young, the Giraffe, Rhino, Guinea fowl herd along with the elephant family which are among the main Uganda tour products.

Ban Ki-Moon the Secretary General of United Nations graced the occasion and called upon the attendees to ponder about the nature conservation.

He was quoted noting that “As we admire beautiful rivers and lakes, as we look at the peak or superb mountains, as we witness the grace of elephants of primates, as we marvel at the speed of the cheetah, we should not relent in protecting all these species and our environment – a sacred legacy we must hand over to future generations,”.

This made the 3 day exhibition to beyond leisure travel and dig deep into the aspects of nature conservation across the globe.

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