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Uganda Set to Attract More Chinese – Uganda Safari News

uganda tourism The move by Uganda tourism destination to diversify its market base by attracting more travelers from China to undertake safaris in Uganda is the right move which should be adopted and embraced by most of the tour and travel companies in Uganda and other tourism stake holders that have the ability to market Uganda’s natural and artificial tourists attractions that range from the wildlife protected in national parks, game reserves, the unique cultural attraction in Uganda, ever green natural vegetation as well as the hospitable image of the local Ugandans.

The Uganda’s unique tourism products such as the endangered mountain gorilla in Bwindi should be presented in an appealing and enticing way that really enters in the mind and heart of the potential Chinese travelers so that they can come to love the tourism product in Uganda and hence this will coerce them to undertake safaris to Uganda.

China which has over 1.3 billion people is a really big opportunity for the tourism industry in Uganda if Uganda can strategically position its self to penetrable on the growing potential tourism market from Chinese travelers who are seeking for the best tourism destination in the world where they can spend their holidays having full adventure experience.

Over the past recent years, the world has witnessed an increase in the number of Chinese seeking for holidays in different tourism destination in the world and hence Uganda also as being the pearl of Africa and must visit destination in the world should forge its way to see that they enter to tap in the increasing potential Chinese travelers.

This can be successfully achieved by Uganda intensifying its marketing mechanisms which target Chinese travelers; tourism packages should be developed in way that they are attractive to all categories of Chinese travelers’ right from luxury travelers, mid-range tourists and budget travelers.

Hence if this is done, it will help to attract all classes of Chinese travelers to spend their holiday safaris in Uganda.

As noted by Li Jinamo the Vice President and Secretary General of the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Association, there is need for Uganda as tourism destination to improve on the roads linking travelers on Uganda safaris from the town areas to rural areas where most of the tourism attractions in Uganda are located.

Besides ,the roads ,there is need for the government to improve and create more airfields in the districts near the important tourist attractions so that it can reduce the number of hours spent by tourists on their safari tours in Uganda to travel by road to the remote areas where the attractions are positioned.

In order to tap in the market of the potential Chinese travelers, there is need for Uganda tourism board, to invite Chinese journalists, prominent Chinese writers, as well as other famous Asian international Medias to write about the unique tourists attractions in Uganda such as the endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi, rare tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth, the unique wonders like source of the River Nile, L.Victoria, the friendly people, unique cultural attractions among others.

If familiarization trips are organized for Chinese media to publish the information about the tourism attractions in Uganda, it will help to make Uganda’s attractions to be known to the potential Chinese travelers and this will attract them to take gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda to trek the only mountain gorillas protected in Uganda.

In nut shell Uganda the pearl of Africa has whatever it takes to penetrable into the growing potential market of Chinese travelers and only this can come true if Uganda well positions its tourism products direct to the Chinese travelers.

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