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20 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari, Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzees, Wildlife Viewing, Hiking & Scenery Viewing

20 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari – Overview.

The 20 days Uganda Rwanda Safari is a 19 nights/20day Uganda Rwanda safari tour comprehensive package that is designed to maximize your experiences in Uganda and Rwanda.

It is a relaxed trip that takes you through amazing scenic landscapes, wild games, culture, adventure, gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park, and other primates.

The safari tour involves Kampala heritage tour, adventures at the source of the Nile – Jinja including white water rafting and bungee jumping, scenic views of Sipi falls and Mount Elgon with its largest mountain caldera in the world, amazing landscapes of Kidepo national park full of wild game flourishing in a typical virgin African wilderness including cheetahs, Murchison Falls National Park with lions, giraffe, elephants, Antelopes among others, Sempaya Male and female hot springs in Semuliki, chimpanzee trekking in Kibale national park, Nature walks on the foothills of Mount Rwenzori national park, crater lakes hike, encounters with the indigenous people of Uganda that is the Batwa and Indigenous Karamojong and recreational boat cruises on Lake Bunyonyi River Nile, and Kazinga Channel.

20 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari – Highlights.

  • Day 1: Do Kampala city tour.
  • Day 2: Encounter Jinja – the source of the Nile.
  • Day 3: Transfer to Mbale & visit Sipi falls.
  • Day 4: Transfer to Kidepo Valley National Park.
  • Day 5: Do Game drive & community tour.
  • Day 6: Hike to the Morungole mountains & visit the indigenous Karamojong.
  • Day 7: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park.
  • Day 8: Do game drive & Nile boat cruise.
  • Day 9: Hike the top of the falls & transfer to Hoima.
  • Day 10: Transfer to Semuliki National Park.
  • Day 11: Encounter Sempaya hot springs & an evening game drive.
  • Day 12: Encounter the Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru caves & Crater Lake hike.
  • Day 13: Do Chimpanzee trekking & Bigodi wetland walk.
  • Day 14: Nature walks in the Rwenzori Mountains & transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  • Day 15: Do game drive & boat cruise.
  • Day 16: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi.
  • Day 17: Encounter Lake Bunyonyi & transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.
  • Day 18: Undertake Batwa cultural trail & cross to Volcanoes National Park.
  • Day 19: Do gorilla trekking & transfer to Kigali city.
  • Day 20: Do Kigali city tour.

20 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari – Detailed Itinerary.

Day 1: Do Kampala City Tour.

Kampala city is a destination of its self and thus worth to encounter on Uganda safari. The city is a hub of various attractions ranging from historical to cultural and religious attractions.

On this 11 days safari in Uganda, you will wake for breakfast after which you will set off with the company guide to encounter the city.

You will visit religious attractions like Namirembe and Rubaga Cathedrals, Baha’i temple, Gadhafi Mosque, Cultural attractions like Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s palace, and Kabaka’s Lake, historical monuments and museums like the Uganda National Museum, National buildings like the parliament, educational Institutions like Makerere University, Traditional hospitals like Mulago hospital, Mengo and Nsambya hospitals.

However, since all these cannot be seen on a single day, you will thus select from this list the possible attractions that you can visit on this day.

Accommodation: Sheraton Hotel (Upmarket/luxury), Cassia Lodge (Mid-range/standard) or the lodge (Budget/Basic)

Day 2: Encounter Jinja – The Source of The Nile.

You will wake up early for breakfast at your place of stay after which you will be transferred by your guide to Jinja 80km about 1-2 hours’ drive from Kampala.

Upon reaching Jinja – the adventure town of Uganda, you will enroll yourself for the white water rafting experience that will see you contain the strength of waters of the Nile as they splash through the rapids.

You will also participate in the bungee jumping that will see you fall from the cliff to touch on the waters of the Nile 140ft below – one of the active adventures you will ever have.

The relaxing boat cruise to the source of the Nile will take you to the point where John Speke, the first European to see the source of the world’s longest river stood.

You will see the Nile starting it 90 days journey to the Mediterranean Sea. Retreat to Kampala overnight.

Accommodation: Sheraton Hotel (Upmarket/Luxury), Cassia Lodge (Mid-range/standard) or the lodge (Budget/basic).

Day 3: Transfer to Mbale & Visit Sipi Falls.

After breakfast, transfer to Mount Elgon 175km from Jinja. You will pass through amazing landscapes of the east, rice fields, and sugarcane plantations before arriving in Mbale for Lunch.

After lunch, you will visit the Sipi falls where you will marvel at this magnificent natural feature as it flows down the slopes of rugged rocks that adjoin the Elgon Mountain. It is a rewarding scenic view to encounter while on Uganda safari.

Accommodation: Mbale Resort Hotel (Upmarket/luxury), Sipi River Lodge (Mid-range/standard) or Sipi falls Resort (Budget/Basic).

Day 4: Transfer to Kidepo Valley National Park.

After a relaxed breakfast, transfer to Kidepo National Park 505km from Mbale passing through the scenic landscapes of Sironko and Mount Moroto before arriving in Kidepo in the afternoon for relaxation and overnight.

Accommodation: Apoka Safari Lodge (Upmarket/luxury), Nga’ moru Wilderness (Mid-range/standard) or Apoka rest Camp (Budget/Basic).

Day 5: Do Game Drive & Community Tour.

Wake for an early morning breakfast, and then set off for a game drive to encounter early risers and predators before they disappear from sight.

Have the opportunity to view real African games including; lions, elephants, giraffes, eland, oribi, Zebra, cheetah among others though not wholesomely guaranteed as they are wild animals alongside a number of bird species like Ostrich and other endemics.

Return to the lodge for relaxation and lunch. Take a community walk through the Karamajong villages in the afternoon.

Accommodation: You will have dinner and overnight at your previous lodge.

Day 6: Hike to The Morungole Mountains & Visit The Indigenous Karamojong.

This day is designed to help you encounter the indigenous Karamojong who dwells on the slopes of the Morungole Mountains.

You will spend much of your day hiking outside the park, viewing the amazing landscapes of the northeastern corner of Uganda franked by the cross border landscapes of Kenya and South Sudan.

The day is a perfect off the beaten track adventure and will enrich your experience on how people have managed to thrive in this semi-arid climate for centuries past without even modern irrigation practices.

Accommodation: You will spend an overnight at your previous lodge.

Day 7: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park.

After breakfast, transfer on the surface drive to Murchison falls National Park passing through the flat open grasslands of northern Uganda as you wonder over the traditional homesteads and their architecture that lie scattered in a vast landscape.

The remains of the LRA rebel activities still stand as you will see the once flourishing trading centers now standing in ruins. Arrive in Murchison falls in the afternoon for relaxation and overnight.

Accommodation: Paraa Safari Lodge (Upmarket/Luxury) Murchison River Lodge (Mid-range/Budget) or Red Chili Rest Camp (Budget/Basic).

Day 8: Do Game Drive & Nile Boat Cruise.

Wake up very early for a cup of coffee and then head to Paraa ferry crossing at 7:00 am to the northern sector of the Park where game drives are carried out.

The possible sights of various wildlife including; elephants, buffalo, Jackson hartebeest, Kobs, lion, leopard, giraffe among other wildlife will leave you with a taste of African Savannah wilderness.

The activity takes 3 – 4 hours after which you will return to the Paraa ferry crossing at 11:00 am to go back to your lodge for relaxation and memory sharing. After your stimulating lunch, gather at the Paraa for an after boat cruise on the Nile at 02:00 pm.

This boat trip has got captains and guides who have cruised on these waters for years and will be glad to share with you every piece of information that you would wish to gather on this trip including any bird species and wildlife both aquatic and land that might present its self.

The shoe-bill stork can be luckily seen on this boat while the great sights of Nile crocodiles – the second largest reptile in the world and the Hippos would make your trip up to the base of the falls. The boat takes 3 hours after which you will have marked the end of your day’s adventures.

Accommodation: You will spend an overnight at your previous lodge.

Day 9: Hike The Top of The Falls & Transfer to Hoima.

After a relaxed breakfast, hike the top of the falls for amazing scenic views of the falls. The Nile River squeezes itself the 8m ravine before falling the 43m below the devil’s cauldron.

It is regarded as one of the unique features to ever happen on the Nile. It is an amazing encounter to enrich your memories and take countless photos. You can opt to have a picnic lunch at this site after which you will transfer to Hoima overnight.

Accommodation: Hoima Resort Hotel (Upmarket/Luxury), Tresek Hotel (Budget/Basic).

Day 10: Transfer to Semuliki National Park.

After breakfast, embark on the transfer to Semuliki National Park. You will drive through the lush countryside with great scenic views of various geographical land forms that characterize the area including the magical Ruwenzori Mountains.

You will pass through the clean and calm town of Fort Portal before continuing to Semuliki National Park. You can opt for a night game drive in the park or have full overnight sleep.

Accommodation: Semuliki Safari lodge (Upmarket/luxury) or Kirumia Guest house (Budget/Basic).

Day 11: Encounter Sempaya Hot Springs & an Evening Game Drive.

After breakfast, embark on the nature walk for 2 – 4 hours passing through the forest of Semuliki which shares much of the characteristics with West African forests.

It is a continuation of the Congo Ituri forest. The walk will expose to various birds like Rwenzori Turaco and primates including the rare deBrazza’s monkey before reaching the famous Sempaya hot springs.

You will visit the female hot spring known as Nyasimbi and the male hot spring known as Bitente where you will boil your plantains in this natural steam and they are ready in a couple of minutes – something to wonder of while on safari in Uganda.

Retire to the lodge for lunch after which you will have an evening game drive in the reserve to have chances of encountering wildlife species like; Savannah and forest elephants, water buck, buffalo, Uganda kob, and warthog.

Accommodation: You will spend an overnight at your previous lodge

Day 12: Encounter The Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru Caves & Crater Lake Hike.

After breakfast, drive for 52 km about 1 – 2 hours to Fort Portal town after which you will continue to visit the Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru caves and undertaking the crater lake hike.

The breast-like features that stand beneath the seasonal flowing Nyakasura fall has a lot of traditional attachment that date back to the Chwezi era.

You will be mesmerized by the local stories behind these geographical stalagmites and stalactites. Hiking the Kyeganywa hill is a move through multitudes of crater hollows some of which are filled with water to form a circle of crater lakes.

The summit of Kyeganywa hill offers all-round sights of the area and the distant Ruwenzori Mountains. Retreat to spend an overnight in Kibale National Park.

Accommodation: Primate Lodge (Upmarket /luxury), Chimpanzee guest house (Midrange/standard) or Kibale Forest Camp (Budget/basic).

Day 13: Do Chimpanzee Trekking & Bigodi Wetland Walk.

Wake up early for a heavy breakfast before gathering at Kanyanchu tourism center at 08:00 am for a short briefing after which you will head to the forest in quest of Chimpanzees – man’s closest relative.

The trek involves passing through the jungle of Kibale dubbed the primate capital of the world with over 13 species of primates some of which you will luckily come across during your Chimpanzee trekking including colobus monkey, vervet monkey, olive baboon, Red-tailed monkey among others.

The enchanting songs of Birds will keep you entertained in this 2 – 5 hour trek. One full hour is at your disposal to explore the Chimpanzees in detail and ascertain the external considerations as to why they are dubbed man’s close relative.

Watch them as they eat fruits, play, socialize, and swing in tree branches as you take as many photos as you can.

Return to the center after having had your picnic lunch. Encounter Bigodi wetland sanctuary in the afternoon to take the rewarding swamp walk with amazing bird sights including the Rwenzori Turaco and swamp animals like Sitatunga.

The communities around Bigodi offer a close touch of tourist – host interaction.

Accommodation: You will spend an overnight at your previous lodge.

Day 14: Nature Walks in Ruwenzori Mountains & Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

After breakfast, embark on the drive Ruwenzori Mountains for a rewarding nature walk. The Margarita peak stands at 5,109m above sea level and is high above the snow line.

The views of this huge mountain range are very thrilling as you approach them from a distance. After 135km about 3 – 4 hours’ drive, you will arrive at Rwenzori Mountain headquarters after which you will take nature walks on the foothills of Mount Rwenzori.

The walks take you through the central circuit where the optional trails to Lake Mahoma or to Buraro Chimp forest can be selected. After this activity, continue on the drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park 72km about 2 – 3 hours overnight.

Accommodation: Mweya Safari Lodge (Upmarket/luxury), Enganzi Lodge (Midrange/Standard) or Simba Safari Camp (Budget/Basic).

Day 15: Do Game Drive & Boat Cruise.

Wake up very for a cup of coffee before setting off for the game drive activity in the Savannah game park of Queen Elizabeth.

The early departure at 06:00 gives you an opportunity to see night hunters like hyenas getting back to their hiding places and early risers setting off to look for what to eat.

The drive through the Kasenyi tracks gives a probable opportunity to see a range of games including; Lions, buffalo, elephants, elusive leopard (if too lucky), antelopes among other wildlife. Return to the lodge after this 3 -4 hour game drive and relax till lunchtime.

After lunch, you will gather at Mweya for a recreational afternoon launch cruise leaving at 03:00 pm taking 2 hours to explore the magical offerings of Kazinga Channel including the sights of water birds and wild game drinking on the channel side, the Nile crocodile, and the Hippos.

The 45m channel that stretches from Lake George to Lake Edward has tranquil waters that always give pleasure and psychological satisfaction to any traveler on Uganda safaris. Retire from the boat at 5 pm for overnight.

Accommodation: You will have dinner and overnight at your previous lodge.

Day 16: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi.

After breakfast, embark on the drive to Lake Bunyonyi 289km about 5 -6 hours. You will pass through the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park where you have chances of spotting tree climbing lions as they enjoy the mid-morning sun on their tree branches.

Continue on the drive to Lake Bunyonyi through the forested landscapes of Bwindi and the scenic views of Kigezi highlands. Arrive in the afternoon for relaxation and overnight.

Accommodation: Bird nest @Lake Bunyonyi resort (Upmarket/luxury), Arcadia Cottages (Mid-range/standard) or Byoona Amagara (Budget/Basic).

Day 17: Encounter Lake Bunyonyi & Transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Labeled the lake of a thousand islands, Lake Bunyonyi has a range of islands stretching up to 29 in number and can all be explored on a 5 – 6 hours boat ride while on this safari in Uganda.

The Lake Bunyonyi encounter is designed to maximize your relaxation and is entirely recreational. The tranquil waters of the lake and the surrounding views of Kigezi highlands dubbed the Switzerland of Africa combine to make this day a total complete experience.

Options after the boat include; swimming, mountain biking, community tours, and hiking. You will transfer in the evening to spend an overnight in Mgahinga National Park.

Accommodation: Volcanoes Mount Gahinga safari lodge (Upmarket/luxury), Mgahinga safari lodge (Mid-range/standard) or Amajambere iwachu Camp (Budget/Basic).

Day 18: Undertake Batwa Cultural Trail & Cross to Volcanoes National Park.

After breakfast, set off for the Batwa heritage trail a half-day activity that takes you through the forests of Mgahinga in the company of the indigenous Batwa guides as they interpret every forest landscape and what it meant in their traditional life.

The hike stretches up to the Garama cave the ancient dwelling of the Batwa – one can call it their capital in the forest of Mgahinga volcanoes.

The cave is a natural shelter that always provided a refugee for the Batwa in times of danger. You will listen to the sorrowful songs being sung by the Batwa women taking you through the course of their tradition; it is a rich taste of the fading typical African culture.

Return from this activity and embark on the transfer to Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda 68km about 2 hours’ drive. You will arrive in the evening for relaxation and overnight.

Accommodation: Mount Gorilla View Lodge (Upmarket/Luxury), La Palme Hotel (Mid-range/Standard) or Muhabura Hotel (Budget/Basic).

Day 19: Do Gorilla Trekking & Transfer to Kigali City.

Wake up very early for breakfast such that by 8:00 am, you are already at the park headquarters –Kinigi for briefing and eventual gorilla trekking experience.

During this session, you are allocated to a gorilla family to track, and if, with a special case, rangers can be consulted for special arrangements.

You will head off to the volcanic lush vegetation in search of gorillas. The trek is quite thrilling as you go through amazing landscapes amidst bird sights and other wildlife crossings including monkeys, wild pigs, and if lucky wild elephants.

The trek takes 2 – 8 hours as gorillas are unpredictable thus packed lunch is required. The jungle sounds will accompany you up to that long waited moment of direct contact with gorillas.

You will see them as they forage, play, socialize, and sometimes charge. The state of wonder that will engulf your heart could leave your camera film with no space for other encounters.

The full one hour is enough to optimize this experience after which you will retreat to the starting point to embark on your 116km journey about 3 hours’ drive to Kigali city overnight.

Accommodation: Kigali Serena Hotel (Upmarket/luxury), Hotel Chez Lando (Mid-range/standard) or Murugo Rwanda Hostel (Budget/Basic).

Day 20: Do Kigali City Tour.

Wake up in the morning for breakfast after which you will embark on the Kigali city encounter. You will visit the Gisozi genocide memorial site where thousands of Rwandese lay in cold blood as victims of the bloody genocide that characterized Rwanda in 1994.

The tour will also expose you to the Presidential palace Museum which formerly was the home of the Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana who lost his life in a plane crash whose cause is not yet clear acting as a sparking factor to the outbreak of genocide.

The remains of the FALCON 50 Presidential Plane are seen in the compound. The Natural History Museum honoring Dr. Richard Kandt who founded Kigali city in 1907 can also be encountered.

You can pay a visit to the Hotel Des Mille Collines – the site of the famous Hotel Rwanda movie. The International specialty restaurants are in existence, craft centers, Art studios among other attractions.

End of The 20 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari.

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