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Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Kahuzi Biega Park Congo

Uganda Rwanda Congo Safari Tours offer Uganda Rwanda Congo gorilla safaris, combined African wildlife, and cultural Uganda Rwanda Congo safari trips that offer the ultimate Africa safari adventures in one package. These Uganda Rwanda Congo safari itineraries are designed for travelers who do not have time to visit the three countries that have got the highest concentration of primates in the world and so wish to have a one-go package to visit these three neighboring countries. On this type of African safari, you will visit Uganda, which has the highest count of critically endangered Mountain Gorillas with a minimum of 465 populations while the remaining about 540 Mountain Gorillas thrive in the Virunga massif comprising of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Virunga National Park, and Volcanoes National Park.

As you will discover on your Uganda Rwanda Congo Africa adventure trips, besides primates, Uganda is marked by lush savannah protected areas dotted with a myriad of wild game including the Big five namely;

  • Lions
  • Elephants
  • Buffalos
  • Leopards
  • Rhinos
  • Elands
  • Burchell’s Zebras
  • Rothschild Giraffe
  • Impala
  • Jackson’s Hartebeest
  • Aardwolf
  • Cheetah among others.

Wild game viewing in Uganda is popularly done in the following Uganda National Parks:-

Uganda Rwanda Congo Safari trips further offer you more wild game viewing can be extended to Rwanda’s Akagera National Park and Congo’s savannah parks.

Our Uganda Rwanda Congo gorilla safaris will still enable you to visit the Eastern Lowland Gorillas that thrive in Kahuzi Biega National Park, Golden Monkeys that thrive in the Virunga massif, Chimpanzees in all the three countries, the largest troop of Black and White Colobus Monkeys in Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park along with a range of troops in other two countries.

If you are a lover of mountain hiking and trekking, you can include in your Uganda Rwanda Congo safari package, a hike to the remarkable highlands like the Rwenzori Mountains, standing as Africa’s third-highest, Nyiragongo Volcano with the largest and the most violent lava lake, Nyamulagira – Africa’s most erupting volcano and the entire Virunga landscape do not only offer lasting sightseeing experiences but also rich Mountain hiking possibilities.

These Uganda Rwanda Congo safaris and tours offer a touch of the transition from the East Africa Savannah to the central African jungle. The safaris can commence in Kampala Uganda and end in Kigali Rwanda and vice versa but the flow is flexible and thus can be reviewed according to your interests to start from your point of interest but also include safari activities and attractions of your choice.


Please note that ALL these Uganda Rwanda Congo safari itineraries can be personalized to suit your unique safari needs and we can customize a completely new itinerary based on your special interests. Let us plan your safari and we shall do it beyond your expectation!

8 Days Rwanda Congo Uganda Highlight Safari

8 days Uganda Rwanda Congo safari is a 7nights/8day Uganda Rwanda Congo tour to Volcanoes National Park for Gorilla Trekking, Virunga National Park for Nyiragongo Volcano Climbing, Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park for wild game viewing & optional Chimpanzee trekking.. READ MORE

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda-Rwanda Congo

10 days Uganda Rwanda Congo safari involving Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park, Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable and Volcanoes National Park, Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking in Kahuzi Biega, Golden Monkey tracking in Mgahinga gorilla park, game viewing experience in Queen Elizabeth Park .. READ MORE

14 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari

12 days Uganda Rwanda Congo gorilla safari features Chimpanzee trekking, wild game viewing including four of the Big five except Rhinos and Kazinga Channel Boat cruise, Bwindi Impenetrable for Gorilla Trekking, Lake Bunyonyi for recreation, Volcanoes National Park for second Gorilla trekking, Virunga National Park .. READ MORE

8 Days Congo Safari, 3 Gorilla Trekking Trips in Virunga, Chimpanzee Trekking, Nyirangongo Volcano Hike.

17 days Uganda, Rwanda Congo safari features Gorillas in Volcanoes, Lowland Gorillas in Kahuzi Biega, Chimpanzees, game viewing in Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth Parks, Rwenzori Mountains, Sabyinyo and Nyiragongo, relaxation at Lake Bunyonyi and Idwiji Island in Lake Kivu commences in Kampala and ends in Kigali.. READ MORE

4 Days wildlife safari to Rwanda and Uganda

4 Days wildlife safari to Rwanda and Uganda, After having a short briefing by your safari guide, you will set off for Lake Mburo National Park. READ MORE

5 Days Gorilla Safari to Uganda & Rwanda

5 Days Gorilla Safari to Uganda & Rwanda, From your breakfast at your hotel of residence, you will meet our English professional guide. READ MORE

5 Days gorilla safari in Uganda and Rwanda

5 Days gorilla safari in Uganda and Rwanda, You will depart from Kampala by road and head south-West to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. READ MORE

7 days Uganda – Rwanda gorilla Safari expedition

7 Days Uganda – Rwanda gorilla Safari expedition, Take breakfast from your hotel of residence then after meet our guide and after drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park. READ MORE

11 Days Uganda Rwanda primates safari

11 Days Uganda Rwanda primates safari, From breakfast then drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park which is approximately 420km through Mbarara. READ MORE

12 Days Rwanda Uganda Gorilla trekking safari

12 Days Rwanda Uganda Double gorilla trekking safari offers you great encounters of these two safari destinations. It starts in Kigali – Rwanda and ends in Kampala – Uganda. READ MORE

18 Days Gorilla Trekking Safari & Wildlife

The 13 Days Uganda Rwanda safari takes you through Uganda’s Murchison falls National Park, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary – the home of white Rhinos, scenic encounters in the crater lake area. READ MORE

14 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari

14 Days Uganda Rwanda combined safari is an amalgamation of scenery, wildlife, recreation, culture and adventure. This package takes you through the adventures. READ MORE

17 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari

The 17 Days Uganda Rwanda safari is a comprehensive package that starts in Uganda – Kampala and ends in Kigali – Rwanda. It involves rewarding encounters in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. READ MORE

21 Days Best of Uganda safari

The 18 Days Rwanda Safari involves double gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes and Uganda’s Bwindi, encountering Africa’s largest pool of colobus monkeys. READ MORE

White Water Rafting

The 20 Days Uganda Rwanda Combined Safari is a comprehensive package that is designed to maximize your experiences in Uganda and Rwanda. READ MORE

21 Days Uganda Rwanda Combined Safari

21 Days Uganda Rwanda combine safari is one the most comprehensive safaris that you can ever undertake in these two safari destinations. READ MORE

5 Days Rwanda Congo Gorilla Safari

5 Days Rwanda Congo Gorilla Safari is a double Mountain Gorilla tracking package that takes you to Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and Congo’s Virunga National Park. READ MORE

5 Days Congo Lowland Gorilla Tour & Nyungwe Chimpanzees

5 Days Congo Lowland Gorilla Tour & Nyungwe Chimpanzees is an adventure journey to view the two of the Great Apes in their natural habitat. Nyungwe Forest National Park. READ MORE

12 Days Rwanda Congo Primate & Wildlife Adventure Safari

12 Days Rwanda Congo Primate and Wildlife Adventure Safari is one of the comprehensive packages in these two destinations exploring Rwanda in detail and picking the best of Congo. READ MORE

17 Days Rwanda Congo Cross border Adventure Safari

17 Days Rwanda Congo Cross-border Adventure Safari starts in Rwanda’s capital Kigali and ends in Congo’s capital Kinshasha. The safari is an exciting journey. READ MORE