uganda tourismUganda has got little resources but these are the ones to bring up development in the country so as to have more safaris in Uganda. Uganda should focus on how to utilize the few resources for development other than borrowing from the developed countries to be better. This will help Ugandans work hard and also stop over exploitation so as to make Uganda a better country hence attracting many Uganda safaris.

Uganda should be able to solve its own uncertainties through planning for them such as the Natural disasters, medical cares, inflation’s and so many others. This will help Uganda manage its economy and funds without any borrowings hence leading to its development. This will therefore make Uganda a strong country therefore attracting many safaris to Uganda.

The development of Uganda will lead to more investments in the country as many investors inform of tourists will come for Uganda safari and invest in the developing country. This will also lead to Economic growth hence providing employment opportunities to the local people in Uganda. This will also make Uganda a better place to live in hence a tourist destination.

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