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Uganda Hailed For Africa Culture Promotion

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The promotion of Uganda’s culture both at home and abroad as one of the Uganda Safari products has been recognized.

The Georgia House of Representatives gave a credit to Uganda resulting from her role in the promoting of African heritage positively that has in turn had an influence on the Georgia residents.

The destination Uganda as explored by a section of world travelers undertaking Uganda gorilla trekking safaris, Wildlife safaris in Uganda or Uganda Cultural tours is under world recognition to be among the few countries that promote the African norms on global scale.

This significant recognition was pronounced previous week during the annual African day Celebrations by the House of Representatives of Georgia State.

Erica Thomas, the Representative of Georgia State credited Uganda for the positive encouragement of the heritage of Africa that has in turn influenced the Georgia residents in their social, economic and political well-being. This according to him is a milestone to invigorating a positive relationship with the African countries.

The function which was attended by the Antlanta Chapter Board Member of the Ugandan North American Association Baker Kabanda was also presided over by the Georgia Black Legislative Caucus Chairperson Dee Dawkins Hiigler who called upon Americans and in particular of black origin to take up safaris to Africa including safaris to Uganda noting that the continent has great resources for exploration. Issues like no running water, disease and war that these people could be having in their perception of Africa are not all over as claimed.

Africa is diverse continent with so many tribal groups spread all over the continent. Uganda alone features a count of 65 tribes which have magical cultural practices and festivities that are of potential interest to the world travelers including Uganda Safari undertakers.

Festivities like the Imbalu ceremony among the Bagisu of eastern Uganda where the boys transit to manhood through circumcision are magical and remarkable to encounter in Africa.

Uganda has always supported cultural initiatives both within the country and overseas as they define the country, ensure heritage sustainability and attract visitors.

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