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Uganda Gorilla Permits Refunds Cancellation Guidelines

Uganda Gorilla Permits Refunds & Cancellation Guidelines

 Gorilla trekking in Uganda is among those activities that draw a lot of travelers to Africa and its done in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park And Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. Gorilla permits are demanded highly by travelers and they easily get sold out. The high demand for permits has led to many travelers booking permits in advance; 6 months, 9 months, or even a year before the dates of the trips. With this world full of mysteries, the future is unforeseeable and uncontrollable. There are lots of predicaments or issues that might happen to the traveler and end up canceling his Uganda gorilla tour yet he has already paid the gorilla permit fees.

Each gorilla permit issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has a date and set region you will be trekking gorillas−that just acquiring it doesn’t mean you can visit any time.

The question is; if I am to cancel my trip, how do I get the money I spent on a gorilla permit back? The good news is that UWA, the body responsible for issuing a gorilla permit in Uganda has a gorilla permit cancellation policy. In case you are a visitor intending to cancel the gorilla permits issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority, below is detailed Gorilla Permit Cancellation Policy in Uganda, refunds & guidelines.

  • Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) retains the following percentages of the gorilla trekking fee paid by the traveler regarding the gorilla permit cancellation policy in Uganda
  • You will not be refunded anything by UWA if you cancel your gorilla trekking tour to Uganda from 0 to 8 days to the gorilla trekking date.
  • UWA retains 75% and returns 25% of the trekking fee to travelers if he/she cancels the gorilla safari to Uganda from 9 to 45 days to the tracking date.
  • You will be refunded 50% of the total gorilla trekking fees if you cancel the activity from between 46 and 90 days to the scheduled tracking date and UWA shall retain the remaining 50%.
  • 75% of the tracking fee is refunded to the traveler by UWA for cancellation from 91 days and above.
  • Travelers should note that deposits are not refundable; this only applies to those who have paid the entire gorilla tracking fees.

50% tracking fee shall be refunded by UWA, if the visitor fails to track due to illness, this will be at recommendation of the Warden in Charge and this clause only applies to visitors who have already tracked Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park.

Visitors who fail to track the gorillas  as a result of their movement to the neighboring country shall receive a full refund on their permits. However, those who would have tracked the whole day and failed to view the gorillas for one reason or another will be refunded 75% of the tracking fee. All refunds shall be affected through the Reservation Office at UWA Headquarters in Kampala.

Note: The cancellation policy above only applies to UWA, not for a safari tour operator. Tour companies normally have their terms and conditions because they not only handle booking the gorilla permits for the client but also other travel items like hotel booking and transport. The tour operators incur administrative fees while organizing the tour package for the traveler, therefore, in case the client cancels, they will also have to retain a certain amount of fees from the one to be refunded to the client.

Any refund to be made on the 30% deposit shall be at the value of the permit.
Permits must be sold at face value, whoever sells at higher value will be penalized.
Primary sale of permits by individuals or tour companies anywhere is illegal. All permits MUST be sold by Uganda Wildlife Authority only.

Payment for gorilla permits must be made directly to Uganda Wildlife Authority.



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