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Uganda Conserving Wildlife

birding ugandaUganda is blessed with a variety of wildlife which has helped in increasing Uganda safaris. This has helped in developing the tourism sector since there is in increase in the total revenues which are generated from the tourism sector.

These animals include ; the mountain gorillas which have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris, the chimpanzees , the elephants, lions , rhinos, monkeys, leopards, and many others.

Human beings mainly depend on the wild animals, birds, insects, the amphibians and many other creatures.

Even though many Ugandans don’t care for the wild animals, they need to be protected and preserved in order to encourage more visitors to come for wildlife safaris to Uganda.

Protecting and conserving the animals is so fundamental since, they benefit the human beings so much, people especially those living near the national parks where these animals are kept have greatly benefit inform of food, and also form the tourism which is carried out in the area, this has helped in engaging the local people to participate the conservation of wildlife hence increasing safaris to Uganda.

The main goal of conservation is to improve the lives of people living around the game reserves; this has been done through the conservation programmes which have been put in place to protect both the animals and also the people who are living near the game parks.

These programmes have helped in preventing the transmission of diseases from animals to Humans and also livestock. This has help in increasing the safari trips to Uganda.

Many NGOs have been aiming at using the information technology in helping to develop the local communities and also to educate them about the environment, this has helped in increasing many conservation projects among the local communities and also helping in increasing safari visits to the local communities.

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