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Uganda Came 25th – Uganda Safari News

The way expatriates are welcomed and received is what determines friendliness.

uganda gorilla safariApart from being known for gorilla trekking safaris, Uganda has been described as the friendliest country globally following a survey conducted among expatriates globally.

A network of expatriates conducted their annual Expat Insider survey of more than 14,000 expats from 191 countries, asking residents to rate a number of aspects about life abroad, including how easy it was to settle in, a country’s friendliness and ease of making friends.

Finding new friends in Uganda and adjusting to the new life abroad by foreigners is very easy. Though there are differences in local culture and languages, most places feel more welcoming.

This East African country received the highest marks for friendliness.

Ugandans should appreciate beauty of their country. The country has very many species of wildlife such as mountain gorillas, lions, leopards, elephants and many more. It also has various species of birds. The country has a lot more to offer, from breathtaking landscapes to high-end restaurants and bars to year-round summer.

safari to UgandaGorilla trekking in Uganda Bwindi impenetrable forest / Uganda gorilla safaris is the most fascinating tourist activity that brings many visitors to the country. These tourists experience the beauty of Uganda with different cultures of Ugandans.

Welcoming all nationalities is an essential part of the culture, and Ugandan residents are quick to offer smiles to newcomers

Uganda is among the topmost African countries with the most beautiful environment where people would want to move, live and work, as the survey has revealed

Due to tourist activities such as Gorilla tracking in Rwanda volcanoes national park, Rwanda is listed among the countries that are highly welcoming in Africa.

However, the government of Uganda is working on infrastructure, internet and security for tourists, to improve on the activities of the tourism industry in order to attract and welcome more people to the country.

Uganda among the top 25 welcoming countries- Uganda safaris/Uganda safari tours  news.

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