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Uganda as a Birding Site – Uganda Safari News

birding safaris in ugandaUganda is blessed with many tourist attractions that attract tourists on Uganda safaris. Among the tourists attractions include the birds which therefore favor birding while on safaris in Uganda.

This is a very nice activity and the birding guides make it awesome when they explain to you the different kind of birds and everything about them.

There are different type of birds which include the shoe bill, egret, weaver bird, sun bird, sparrow, dove, eagles and so many others making a total of 300 species.

These live in different places and eat different foods. They also have different characteristics.

Tourists on a Uganda safari learn more about these birds as they come to tour Uganda hence having the best safari.

Birding is done in different sites of Uganda while on Uganda safari visits. These include the National parks like Bwindi Impenetrable, kibale, bunyonyi, Murchison, semuliki, Queen Elizabeth, Rwenzori Mountains, Mountain Elgon, Mgahinga, Kidepo, lake Mburo and so many other parks. Birding can also be done at Makerere University where you will find it interesting to see different birds.

Birding in Uganda is a very exciting activity because you carry it out while doing some other activities.

This therefore makes a tourist discover many attractions and participate in different activities while on their safaris in Uganda.

This makes tourists happy therefore attracting them to come for more safaris to Uganda hence developing the tourism sector and Uganda as well.

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