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Uganda and Tanzania Safari, Gorillas Trekking & Wildlife Viewing, Community Tours in Uganda and Tanzania Holiday Trips

Uganda Tanzania Tours present a range of Combined Safari packages enabling World travellers to explore the sights and sounds of these two destinations on a single encounter.

Endowed with the World’s highest count of the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas and the highest groups of habituated Chimpanzees in the World, the destination Uganda would by all means serve as a true paradise for primate watching enthusiasts.

Kibale National Park commonly referred to as the Primate Capital of the World with 13 Primate Species form the perfect ground for Chimpanzee Habituation and trekking in East Africa.

Other verdant forests of Uganda like Kalinzu Forest, Budongo Forest, Semliki Forest and Kyambura gorge are home to Chimpanzees.

Populations of Golden Monkeys thrive in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park along with Mountain Gorillas forming the background of its slogan “Where Gold Meets Silver”.

Tanzania is rich is wild game and has the most wildlife popular park in Africa – Serengeti National Park whose endless plains support millions of Wildebeest, hundreds of thousands of Zebras and Thompson Gazelles, thousands of Elands, Lions, Leopards among others.

Besides Serengeti, Tanzania has other great wildlife sites including Lake Manyara National Park where tree climbing lions thrive like those of Ishasha sector in Uganda, Tarangire National Park with very beautiful Baobab trees and Ngorongoro Crater with over 250,000 large animals and as well the World’s largest intact inactive and unfilled Volcanic Caldera.

The exciting wildlife destinations of Uganda including Kidepo Valley National Park ranked number three in Africa, Murchison Falls National Park with the world’s most powerful waterfall, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Park supplement the ones of Tanzania to make the Uganda Tanzania Wildlife Safaris and tours beyond the ordinary.

As for the adventure enthusiasts, Uganda Tanzania Tours are the way to go. With Mount Rwenzori standing to the west of Uganda, Mount Elgon to her East and Virunga Volcanoes to the south west coupled with Africa’s highest Kilimanjaro Mountain to the north of Tanzania, the Mountaineering trips are diverse and exciting.

The Uganda Tanzania Safari tours can start in Uganda or Tanzania and include driving and flying.