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Uganda Against Poaching in National Parks – Uganda Safari News

gorillasUganda Wildlife Authority which is the main organization responsible for wildlife protection and it has always worked hard at controlling poaching which  has been happening in many national parks with in the country.

This has however saved many animals which have helped in increasing Uganda safaris hence increasing the revenues of the country.

Uganda has received funds from British High Commission and this is to help in controlling the massive poaching which has been taking place in the many national parks, this is because Uganda has got a large potential of earning more revenues from the tourism industry, this is the main reason why a lot of efforts have been put in so as to control poaching, this will help in increasing safari tours to Uganda.

The effect of poaching is even more than environmental destruction since it brings total disappearance of the wildlife with in the national park which brings about reduced numbers of animals hence decreased safari tours to Uganda.

Poaching is so dangerous since it leads to destruction of biodiversity and many other ecosystems which are found in Uganda. This also affects the tourism sector since it leads to reduced incomes.

Poaching also leads to poor performance of the tourism sector and it also leads to low development of the country.

The global ivory market has been increasing and this means that poaching is increasing day by day which has also affected the safari visits in the country.

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