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1 Day Entebbe tour Excussion Entebbe City Tour

1 Day Entebbe tour Excursion Entebbe City Tour takes you through the Entebbe botanical gardens, Uganda Wildlife Educational Center, Lake Victoria beaches, Entebbe International Airport and Kigungu landing site. It is a 1 day encounter but is detailed to maximize your experiences on this excursion.

Safari Day by 1 Day Entebbe Tour Excursion Entebbe City Tour

After breakfast, embark on the drive to Entebbe 40km from Kampala. Upon reaching Entebbe environs, you will pay visit to the Kigungu peninsular to see the first place where the first catholic missionaries Fr. Lourdel and Br. Amans stepped their feet in Uganda.

It is also a great community fishing village. After this encounter, you will pass by the Airport both new and the old airport to have sights of the structure of the terminal buildings with the amazing old terminal building with bullet holes that testify the Operation Entebbe when the Israelite commandoes were rescuing their citizens who had been held in hostage by the then president Idi Amin Daada.

Though, the access to the interior of the airport buildings cannot be guaranteed, the distant views gives a snapshot of them.

Continue to botanical gardens to have amazing views of various flora and fauna species like monkeys including birds.

Proceed to encounter the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) formerly known as Entebbe zoo with its collection of almost all species of wildlife in Uganda including; lions, buffalo, leopard, birds like shoebill stork, snakes among others.

The boat is available to give a cruise on the fresh waters of Lake Victoria. You can do swimming on Entebbe beaches such the up class Imperial botanical beach or the youthful aero and lido beaches. Return in the evening to mark the end of your 1 day Entebbe tour.

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