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Tourists in Rwanda Enjoy the Cultural Encounters – Rwanda Safari News

culture dances in ugandaRwanda has a lot of tourist attractions that have attracted many tourists to come for safaris to Rwanda.

These include the rare mountain gorillas which have increased more gorilla trekking safaris in the country, Dian fossey with also a group of gorillas, genocide memorial site, Lake Kivu, National museum and so many others.

These have for a long time increased Rwanda safaris hence boosting the tourism sector.

Among all those attractions Rwanda has the cultural encounters as the other tourist attractions and these have taken the attention of the tourists on their safaris in Rwanda.

These are performed by the local people of Rwanda and they live with in the communities.

They include the Fortunatha Mukandamutsa, Azizi Life Artisans, Berthilde Mukamusoni and so many others. These give tourists a mind relaxation as they visit them while on their Rwanda safari.

 Cultural in Rwanda exposes you to the way of life of these people, their food stuff and how their dishes are prepared, daily activities, education system, craft making, you learn their local language as you also teach them yours, traditional dances and so many things about them.

This is an experience remembered by tourists who give it a try while on their Rwanda safaris therefore having the best safaris in Rwanda as a tourist destination.

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