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Tourist Activities Found in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park – Uganda Safari News

gorillaaMgahinga national park is Uganda’s smallest park and it was gazetted as a gorilla park in 1930 before it was up graded as a national park in 1991.

This park protects three of the Virunga volcanoes which include; Sabinyo, Gahinga & Muhabura which is found at the boarder of Rwanda.

This park has attracted many gorilla trekking safaris which have helped in increasing the revenues of the country.

 The main activities which are popular in Mgahinga national park include; mountain gorilla tracking, golden monkey trekking, batwa trails, and volcano climbing .these have greatly attracted many safaris to Uganda and also helped in the development of the country.

Volcano climbing is a wonderful experience which requires no skills but only confidence and commitment.

The ranges of Virunga are blessed with contrasting vegetation which will fascinate you. You will also have a chance to adventure through the montane woodlands, the bamboo forests, moorlands with giant heather plants. These have greatly attracted many visitors to come for gorilla safaris to Uganda.

Sabinyo also offers hiking adventures and birding safaris which can be carried out in sabinyo gorge where the birders can have a chance to see the rare Rwenzori Turaco and many more.

There is also the great buffalo wall which was also built as a way of protecting land and plants from damage by the heavy bufalos and the wild pigs.

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