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Tourism the Highest Foreign Exchange Earner in Rwanda – Rwanda Safari News

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The tourism sector in Rwanda has remained the highest foreign exchange earner to the country; this information was released by Rwanda Development Board, which is a body responsible for the development of the tourism sector in Rwanda.

The tourism sector was considered as the best performing sector in Rwanda. This has helped at attracting more tourists to come for safari tours to Rwanda.

Business tourists have greatly visited Rwanda and these have been compared with other types of tourists who have been coming for safaris to Rwanda. This was a ranking which was released by the business report last year.

This prompted to consider Rwanda as the second best place to do business in Africa. This has also helped in developing the Country and the tourism sector as well.

Rwanda’s main tourist attractions have always been the mountain gorillas which are found in volcanoes national park and in part of Virunga national park.

Most of the revenues have been raised from the many mountain gorilla tracking safaris which have been carried out in Rwanda.

There are also other events which are performed to accompany the mountain gorilla tours, these include; the Kwita Izina which is the naming ceremony of mountain gorillas which is done in Rwanda.

The tourist attractions also include; the culture of the people of Rwanda, the chimpanzees, the much wildlife in the national parks which are found in Rwanda, the many bird species and the city tours which are carried out in Rwanda. All these have helped in attracting more tourists to come for safaris to Rwanda.

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