gorilla at restThe tourists who are visiting Uganda have been generating high incomes to the tourism sector and this has helped in developing the sector and at the same time increasing the safaris to Uganda. Tourism is considered to be the biggest source of income for the country, and this was a report which was released according to the past statistics.

The revenues which are generated from the tourism sector have further helped in boosting the tourism sector in the country. This has helped in reducing the poverty with in the country since it has helped in providing employment opportunities to the local people who live around the national park. The World Bank has greatly helped in financing the tourism hence helping in increasing the number of safari tours to Uganda.

The tourists who come for mountain gorilla trekking and birding safaris to Uganda spend a lot of incomes with in the country which has helped in developing the tourism sector in the country. The data which is collected from the visitors who are getting out of the country has shown that the tourists spend a lot of money with in the country which has helped in increasing the revenues of the country.

The tourists are satisfied with the services which they receive when they come to safari Uganda. However the transport facilities are still poor since the roads have not be improved and developed, the tourists have graded different tourist attractions and this has helped the government to come up in order to improve the tourism sector.

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