rwanda Rwanda is one of the countries with a fast growing tourism sector and this has helped in increasing the revenues of the country and also the development of the tourism sector, the tourism sector of Rwanda has brought about increased safaris to the country and this has been through the increasing marketing of the sector to the outside world.

Many organizations internationally have helped in developing the tourism sector of Rwanda through providing finances to the projects which are aimed at promoting the tourism sector with in the country. These include; the world tourism organization and the United Nations as well as the world bank which has helped the sector financially.

Rwanda has got many tourist attractions with in the country and these have greatly attracted many safaris to Rwanda and these include; the mountain gorillas which are found in volcanoes national park, the chimpanzees, the culture of the people of Rwanda, the mountains and water bodies and many more.

Rwanda’s government has greatly put in a lot of support in form of marketing the sector to the outside world and this has helped in increasing the number of tourists who come for safari tours to Rwanda, there has also been increased advertising of the sector no the national radios and televisions which has helped in promoting domestic tourism.

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