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Tourism Development Essential for Job Creation

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The investment in tourism development is still seen as a viable venture that should be at the center of the Government along with the private sector to ensure the creation of jobs that would in turn reduce the nation’s percentage of unemployment and spur national development.

It can be noted that tourism and travel industry is listed among the expansive and vibrant industries thriving in the global economy.

The apparent developments on the continent of Africa indicate that tourism continues to attract investment both at regional and international level and the returns on the tourism investment still stand on top of others at global scale.

The development of niche tourism has proved successful such as gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and the rate at which tourism investment has been increasing in the gorilla highlands is considerably high.

The range of safari lodges have been constructed, park rangers recruited, tour companies opened, stop centers developed among other aspects that have in turn created god number of jobs for the natives and the foreigners as well.

Fortunately, tourism is an open sector that is actually more private sector driven than public. In this case, a harmonious investment climate needs to be created by the government to stimulate rapid investment by the private companies and individuals.

Essentials like favorable road network, peace and security, favourable taxes, communication infrastructure along with other required infrastructure and incentives need to be put in place to enable the private sector thrive successfully.

Aspects like promotion of viable business models, new technologies, legislation, institutional mechanisms, policies and regulation are still considered very significant in leveling the ground for tourism investment other than the finances themselves.

The 2011 report of World Bank indicated that the tourism sector accounted for one of every 20 jobs whether direct or indirect in the Africa’s Sub Sahara and notably among the very few global industries where women feature very well as managers and employees.

This therefore gives tourism as an all inclusive sector that can favour the development of the community as a whole.

Uganda still features an investment gap in her tourism sector. The up country accommodation is not enough evidenced by total absence in the peak season which requires the Uganda safari undertakers to book far in advance meaning that the later can easily lose out.

Besides accommodation, tourist transportation is still inadequate with absence of standard buses to operate transfers on long routes and coach tours.

The stop centers along the major routes to various destinations are still not enough to the travelers on safaris and tours in Uganda. All these are areas worth investing in and enhance job creation.

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