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A Tour to Southwestern Region of Uganda

A unique tourism experience has emerged in the southern part of Uganda that is naturally endowed and has also been dubbed the Ugandan tourism hub.

Originally referred to as the Switzerland of Africa, the region is home to the beautiful lake Bunyonyi that winds amidst numerous hills and valleys giving it an adorable 360 view.

The region is also home to the endangered mountain gorillas which have turned out to be Uganda’s tourism trade mark forming a rich base for gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.

The region is home to the Virunga mountain ranges that are shared also by Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo not forgetting Lake Mutanda and the Echuya bamboo forest reserve.

Inside all these natural beauties, Uganda has kept all the wonders, history and cultures and communities that have varied beliefs, norms and everyday life which are worth learning about.

Uganda gorilla Safari tour is one exquisite adventure that is well packaged with all the wonders of south western Uganda however this experience also prioritizes community tourism.

The gorilla experience is a combination of activities which include community visits, canoeing, island hopping, forest walks and home stays and here you get to know the history and culture of the energetic Bakiga farmers over generations.

The other interesting side in this region for traveler on safari to Uganda is the island hopping using the dugout canoes to connect to myriad of Islands on Lake Bunyonyi. This lake is often calm and this renders it calm for both swimming and canoeing.

The islands on this lake have got history behind them that is worth seeing and listening to. The bwama island also known as the ‘’leper’s island’’ was an isolation center for leprosy patients in the region and it was still on this island that they were treated by doctor sharp a missionary health worker who was residing in this area.

Amidst this lake lies the punishment island which is a tiny patch of a small forest where young girls who got pregnant before marriage were dumped to die as this was referred to as an abomination. However, men who couldn’t afford the high bride price were free to rescue the ‘’dumped’’ girls and take them on as wives.

Have a tour to the Batwa communities and have an insight in the different worlds of civilizations and cultures.

The Batwa guide will lead the team for a nature walk through the echuya bamboo forest reserve and in your journey the guide describes the Batwa way of life before they were relocated from the forest their key hunting grounds.

Community tourism has been a bold step towards bridging the gap between the communities and the tourists.

Prime Uganda safaris is privileged to give you company to Uganda’s tourism hub as we strengthen communities and cultures through partnering it with the gorilla experience.

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