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Tour Operators Upset with Poaching – Uganda Safari News.

poachingThe tourism sector is the major foreign exchange earner in Uganda. It is of very much importance since it generates a lot of revenues to the government hence developing the tourism sector.

This is through the increased number of people coming for safaris in Uganda and pay fees to the tour operators.

These are then given to the government as revenue therefore developing the Economy of Uganda hence promoting more Uganda safaris.

However the tourism sector is facing a problem of poaching where animals are illegally killed by poachers.

This has reduced the number of animals in the parks hence reducing the number of safaris in Uganda.

The laws set against poaching have failed to work out because the law was just simple arrest for some years or fine.

However poachers pay money, get released and after practice the act again hence reducing the number of Uganda visits.

The tour operators together with the Uganda Tourism Board are urging that saying that the poachers must be given a life imprisonment punishment so as to stop poaching and increase the number of tourists coming for tours in Uganda.

This is because it will teach other poachers a lesson and they will fear to practice the act.

This will help reduce poaching and as a result increase more visits in Uganda.

This will therefore help boost the tourism sector and also make Uganda a tourist destination.

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