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Top Tourist Attractions in Uganda – Uganda Safari News

tree climbing lionsUganda has many tourist attractions which have continued to attract more tourists to come for safaris to Uganda. Mountain gorillas are considered to be the top tourist attraction, the mountain gorillas are found in bwindi impenetrable National park and in Mgahinga national park, these national parks are located near each other and this has fetched a lot of foreign exchange with in the count

Chimpanzees are considered to be the Second exciting tourist attractions  in the country. These are wonderful apes and they are mostly located in Kibale, Ngamba Island, and also in Queen Elizabeth national park.

The chimps share its DNA with a human being and they even share some of the characteristics with the human beings.

The chimps have the skills of  using different tools as smashing nuts , drawing sticks for termits and these are passed on to the other generations. This has attracted many people to come for chimpanzee trekking safaris to Uganda.

Uganda is blessed with a unique topography which is amazing and is characterized with many mountains and valleys and these are located in different regions of the country, these include mountain Elgon, mountain Rwenzori which has attracted many mountain climbers, many tourists have decided to climb the mountain in order to reach the highest point. There is also the rift valley which is so attractive to many clients who visit Uganda.

There is also the tree climbing lions, elephants and many historical places which include the kasubi tombs, Uganda Museum, namugongo shrines, all these places have been visited by many people who come for Uganda  safari tours.

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