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Time with Mountain Gorillas – Gorilla Safari News

gorillas in ugandaA tourist while on a gorilla tracking safari spends one hour with the gorilla so as to avoid the uncertainties such as diseases because gorillas are almost the same as humans therefore can get diseases from them.

This experience is however the memorable one to the tourists who come for gorilla tours.

There are many mountain gorillas in Uganda and these are found in Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi impenetrable National park but mostly tracked in Bwindi due to their reliability in Bwindi.

A family of gorillas is tracked by the tourist with the help of the trackers and the guide who lead the tourist to the area where the gorillas are.

The tourism sector has therefore played a very big role in preserving the mountain gorillas since gorilla trekking is the most liked activity on a safari to Uganda.

The sector has done this through treating the mountain gorillas, educating the local people, preserving the habitats of the gorillas and so many other ways so as to promote more gorilla safaris in Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector.

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