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The Weight of a Silverback Mountain Gorilla- Gorilla Safari News

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A silverback is the male mountain gorilla which is responsible for leading and heading the group.

The silverback always the one responsible for proving the food to the other group members and also heads the making of nests for a night spending , many tourists have so far visited Uganda in order to engage in mountain gorilla trekking safaris.

Silver is known to lift up to ten times the amount of its own body weight, this means that an adult male mountain gorilla commonly known as the silverback weighs on average 350 pounds; this size has greatly attracted many tourists to come for gorilla tracking tours to Uganda, this has helped in increasing the revenues of the country hence developing the tourism sector.

Mountain gorillas in Uganda are divided into groups and there are over 10 groups of mountain gorillas, each group is led by a strong silverback which is responsible for leading the group, all silverbacks gain this silverback at the age of 11 years and here they start separating from their parents to make their own groups, these features have greatly attracted many people to come for gorilla trekking tours to Uganda.

The silverback is the strongest gorilla of all the mountain gorillas and if feeds on a lot of plants which helps it to regain its weight and also to be able to head the entire group, this is exciting since they even sometimes fight to with each other in order to lead a group.

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