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The Ugandan Mangabey – Uganda Safari News

The Uganda Mangabey also scientifically known as “Lophocebus ugandae” can only be spotted in Uganda on the entire planet.

This is said to be a descendant of the old-world monkey world and can be seen on your Gorilla tours in Uganda.

It was previously assumed to belong to the grey-cheeked Mangabey family, however, Gloves Collin a renowned scientist and taxonomist began a research of Uganda’s new Species and he named it Lophocebus ugandae.

Collins Gloves was able to realize that this is a distinctive specie and is smaller in size compared to the Grey-cheeked Mangabey and it has a smaller face with smaller and shorter skull.

Therefore all holiday makers planning their safari in Uganda can see these unique Uganda primates in Mabira forest just 60km from Kampala city along the Kampala-Jinja highway.

Collin discovered that the Ugandan Mangabey is smaller in size compared to the other monkeys in Uganda forests.

From his report, he suggested that these Species need to be given extra attention and care with regards to their conservation status and should better be included on the IUCN list of endangered species and this will give them better consideration just as it is on the mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees of Uganda.

Where to See the Uganda Mangabey! Within Uganda, these can be seen in Mabira forest, Itwara, Sango bay, Bugoma forest, Semliki, Kibale and Mpanga. However their biggest population dwells in Mabira forest and can easily be seen during forest nature walks while on Gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda.

Diet of the Uganda Mangabey! The Ugandan Mangabey mainly feeds on fruits and also prefers staying in deeper areas of the forest and dwells mainly in the forest upper canopy.

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By Sanyu Chris



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